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Versatility, Speed & Intelligence

The new-generation Advanced Version ROBODRILL promises unrivalled quality and precision at great hourly rates.

With an unbeatable tool change time of 0.7 seconds and a turret capable of handling tools weighing up to 4kg, the new advanced version is both the fastest and strongest Robodrill yet. With by far the shortest cycle times on most machining operations, all ROBODRILL machines offer incredible performance and unbeatable efficiency.

Designed to meet every need, the ROBODRILL α-DiB5 series comprises of six completely redesigned models in Space Saver, Medium and Long sizes, available in either standard or advanced versions. With a rigid servo drive control and a highly dynamic BT30 spindle, these high-speed all-rounders are suitable for all vertical machining applications, from short production runs requiring fast turnaround times to flawless mass production. With well over 200 000 machines installed worldwide, its future-proof versatility and easy adaptability make the ROBODRILL the best-selling machine in its class.

Spreading your machining work across several ROBODRILLs instead of relying on a dedicated transfer machine, allows you to benefit from cheaper production and higher flexibility in the face of changing production numbers. Inherently adaptable, FANUC ROBODRILL also represents a great addition to your production facilities, since you can use it to absorb extra demand, thereby freeing up your larger vertical machining centres for bigger jobs.

The Advanced Version offers many unique improvements:

Improved swarf evacuation

To maximize uptime, the ROBODRILL α-DiB5 series can be fitted with a number of swarf evacuation options: from the coolant tank and chip flush methods to a piping system for wall coolant. Advanced versions minimize swarf interference with a mountain-shaped Y-axis front cover. It also offers an optional fully-enclosed spindle cover that separates the machining area from the mechanism.

Stronger Turret for bigger Tools

At the heart of every ROBODRILL is a patented high-speed tool changer that can carry up to 21 tools and offers the best reliability in its class. Its manufactured efficiency lies in its solid metal construction and optional BIG-PLUS BBT30 spindle. This makes it extremely resistant to radial forces and enables it to deliver unbelievably efficient machining.

Advanced version ROBODRILLs feature an even stronger turret. Offering even more versatility, this enables the tool changer to handle heavy, customized cutting tools weighing up to 4kg while still realizing ultraquick tool changing times.

Power Failure Backup Module

Power interruptions can be costly. Avoid unnecessary workpiece damage or tool damage with FANUCs Power Failure Backup module. This will prevent the tool from dropping into the workpiece or the axis from slowly decelerating to a stop potentially causing a collision with the spindle, or jigs and fixtures.

All of the new model ROBODRILLS can be fitted with the improved Direct Drive 4th axis with built in brake. For ultra high speed indexing, or 4 axis simultaneous work, the new DDRiB offers unrivalled speed and accuracy.

When you have longer workpieces or want to put many on the table at the same time, the new DDR-TiB offers a factory built 4th axis with tail support, base plate, and angle brackets for a swing plate. Available in 300mm, 500mm or 700mm in X direction, this allows maximum use of the ROBODRILLS travel space.

Need a 5 axis machine? No problem!

ROBODRILLs are available with 5 axis simultaneous control allowing machining of complex workpieces. Control functions like Tool Certer Point Control and smart smoothing functions mean you can manufacture high quality parts quickly and accurately.

Smart Automation and Robotization

As the worlds largest manufacturer of Industrial robots, FANUC offers the advantage of full automation and robotization from a single supplier.

Through a single Package called QSSR, or Quick and Simple Start of Robotization, robot loading can be quickly configured.

IoT and Information Management

In todays world information is everything. FANUC offers a solution for production monitoring for the factory floor. Information from each machine is gathered and presented graphically. Production count or time, tool life information, alarm diagnosis, program details, feed & speed details etc can be viewed and stored for every machine connected to the system.

FANUCs legendary reliability coupled with easy preventative maintenance procedures keeps downtime to an absolute minimum. And thanks to their extreme longevity, ROBODRILL machines also provide an unbeatable return on investment.

FANUC ROBODRILL is proudly made in Japan and comes with a 2 year mechanical and control warranty.


For more information, please contact FANUC South Africa – Tel: 011 392 3610


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