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CNC Clear Cut

The Safan M-Shear’s extremely functional design satisfies current and future requirements with possible expansion plans, such as material-handling systems, already provided for. At its core is the advanced hybrid drive for the cutting beam consisting of a servo-electronic motor and hydraulic pump, a combination producing a remarkably quiet and energy-saving system.

While the robust hydraulic systems are controlled by modern electronics increasing both productivity and quality of products, the servo-electronic motor powering the hybrid drive only runs when the cutting beam is in motion thus saving energy and reducing noise levels while cutting.

Maximum ease of operation is provided by the Safan Touch Screen control TS 200 while the settings are indicated by clear symbols on the TFT colour monitor. The control operates with Microsoft Windows®.

With blades having four cutting edges, on both top and bottom, shearing is done very economically as blade wear is spread over the blade’s entire length, thanks to the programmable starting position of the cutting beam. Another feature includes independent left and right clearance adjustment and built-in measuring sensor with an accuracy of ±0.01mm. Due to the special frame construction, clearance is self- compensating so that, even with a load in the middle of the shear, the clearance remains constant over the entire length. When the clearance is changed, the back gauge setting is automatically corrected. Size of cut can be directly entered, after which the position of the back gauge is adjusted. The back gauge adjustment occurs by means of play-free guides and ball screws. Setting precision is 0.01mm and repetitions are accurate to within ±0.03mm.

The shear has extensive guards on the back and sides. These consist of mechanical side covers on the right and left sides plus a photo-electrical guard on the back. The machine’s foot-operated console is fitted with an emergency stop. Robust finger guards have been installed. For up to and including 6mm cuts, openings have been made in these guards, allowing the operator to safely get closer to the blade.

As an option, the M-Shear can be supplied with pneumatic sheet support equipment making cutting easier, especially when dealing with largersize blank sizes. The sheet to be cut is supported at the back of the shear, ensuring it can be accurately positioned against the back gauge, which can be equipped with sheet support arms, if requested.

In combination with the pneumatic sheet support system, a scrap separation feature is available.

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