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High productivity and performance in the XXL format at a favourable price

The ByCut Smart 6225 can be equipped with the Fiber 3000, 4000, 6000, 8000 or 10000 laser sources, depending on the user’s requirements.
More sheet metal, more parts: The 6225 format increases productivity thanks to a high degree of material utilization.


The new ByCut Smart 6225 from Bystronic provides a high degree of material utilization thanks to a cutting length of up to 6.2 meters and a width of 2.5 meters. The machine cuts not only large parts, but also many small parts with high efficiency thanks to its outstanding nesting processes.

High-end productivity and more parts per cycle are guaranteed, while a wide range of materials can be cut without interrupting the cutting process, hence reducing non-productive time. Users can now enjoy high productivity and performance in the XXL format at a favourable price.

While weighing 21 000 kg, the machine can accommodate a maximum workpiece weight of 3650 kg and produce a table change-over time of 72 s.

The latest version of the high-performance Bystronic cutting head excels with maximum precision and high speed thanks to laser outputs of up to 10 kW.


Using a 21.5-inch touch screen, Bystronic’s ByVision Cutting software is operated just as simply as a smartphone. Ease of use and an intuitive user interface guarantee excellent results even when operators are inexperienced.

Several automation solutions are available including the Byloader, which automatically lays plates onto the shuttle table of the laser cutting system, the ByTrans and ByTrans Extended which takes over loading – and unloading of the laser cutting system and the BySort for fully automatic sorting of parts. Also available are the ByTower, a flexible storage tower to store sheets for laser cutting, the ByTower Compact, which enables lightly manned or even unmanned  production for any size of company thanks to automated cassette changing and minimal space requirements. Finally there is the ByTrans Modular load and unload system providing a range of possibilities and layouts for ultimate automation needs both in large series or small job batches.

For more information on the please see or contact Bystronic on 010 410 0200.

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