Laser Marking Innovation

The MicroMark G3 is an extremely compact laser marking system which integrates all the components inside the machine. In this way there is no risk of dust intrusion which ensures the optimal environment for both, electrical components and laser source itself. In addition, having all the components integrated allows a well-organized workstation and eases the relocation of the machine whenever required.

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The use of the motorized Z axis is extremely simplified by the use of the joystick which is an essential tool if combined with the SmartFocus system. In particular, it allows the operator to easily determine the correct position of the scanning head for optimal marking, both on flat and complex surfaces with curves and edges.

The door of the MicroMark G3 has a vertical opening on the three sides of the machine to allow easy and comfortable access to the marking chamber. In addition, working with the door open wearing the safety goggles, it is possible to mark even bigger parts that would not normally fit in the machine.

Upon request the MicroMark G3 can be equipped with a motorized three sides door which allows for speeding up of the loading/unloading process. In fact, once the part is inside the marking cabinet and the operator pushes the starting cycle button, the door closes automatically and once the marking is completed it opens up again.

The 20mm thick work table measures 530 x 410mm. It is made of surface ground aluminium with a 30μm hard-anodized coating. The standard hole pattern is 50mm center to center. Each hole is ø8H7 at the top with M6 threads at the bottom. This makes it easy to affix guides, jigs or accessories with either pins or screws.

The exhaust system is fundamental for the operator’s health and the cleanliness of the machine. The pump with lateral channels, which has a die-cast aluminium structure, ensures a high air speed flow. The 3-stages filter has both HEPA H14 and activated carbon elements which remove potential smells, odors and micro-particles.

In order to simplify machine programming, it is possible to use the reader to scan production orders. LASIT software, using the key read by the scanner, can access a database and collect the variable fields as well as select the drawing that needs to be marked.

The Smart Focus provides for fast and accurate focus. By controlling the Z axis with the joystick, users can immediately and precisely focus the laser by intersecting the dot of the red lighted diode laser with the red lighted line of the scanning head. The red lighted line is electronically produced and it can be moved to obtain a marking that is out of focus when required.

The exclusive Lasit capability of projecting on the part to be marked virtually every pattern with the safe red light makes the centering of complex parts quick and easy for everyone. The pattern can be either imported (DXF) from your 3D model or desiG3ed directly in FlyCAD®.

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