AMADA ENSIS 9KW/6KW Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

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ENSIS-3015AJ 9kW/6kWis designed for high-speed stable cutting over the entire range of machining, from thin to thick sheet metals, which has been made possible by the evolution of AMADA’s original beam control technology (ENSIS technology) and the expansion of oscillator output from the conventional 3kW to 9kW/6kW.

High quality cutting over the thick material range is achieved by overcoming problems related to fiber lasers through reduced dross and bevel and improved surface roughness.

NC equipment is provided with the AMNC 3i, which can be operated easily like a smartphone. It is adapted to AMADA IoT V-factory and visualizes machine operating results including power consumption and processing costs, contributing to performance. Furthermore, it enables smart manufacturing through maintenance and support to maximize machine capacity, as well as proposals to improve production efficiency.

AMADA’s high-output oscillator provides for maximum output of 9kW/6kW to enable high-speed and high-quality cutting over the entire processing range (thin, medium thickness and thick sheet metals), based on energy saving and high-quality beams.

ENSIS technology allows the laser beam to be controlled freely into the optimum beam form according to material quality and thickness. Additionally, the auto collimation mechanism is provided as a new feature. The variable range of the condensing diameter has been expanded greatly to achieve excellent stable cutting over the entire thickness range. Furthermore, combined with a high-output oscillator, the technology enables high-speed stable cutting of thick sheet metals, cutting with reduced dross and bevel and improved surface roughness.

In addition to the new beam control technology, the fiber laser cutting machine employs Clean Fast Cut (CFC) technology and Easy Fast Cut (EZFC) technology to dramatically reduce the consumption of assist gas during nitrogen cutting, which is used mainly to cut stainless steel. It applies an original non-contact nozzle developed by AMADA that supplies assist gas at a low pressure to reduce processing costs, while maintaining cutting quality.

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