HD-TC Profile-Pipe Cutting Laser More Stable With Added Laser Sensors

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DURMA shortened process time by improving centering with the newly added laser sensor centering option added to the HDTC machines.

It is possible to control the size and irregular structure of the profile during cutting or before cutting with the help of sensors to ensure that the internal contours to be cut are at the right point.

In existing HD-TC machines, the centering measurement is achieved by scanning the profile surface through capacitive sensors. The advantage of the laser sensor system is that it gives more precise results in a shorter time. The user can take measurements at the distance determined by the user, and precise results are obtained in a shorter period of time as the process of measuring by the sensor is shortened for parts requiring precise measurement with internal contours.

The advantage being fast set-up time, less problems during cutting, best solution in a short time and measurement frequency is dependant on operator request.

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