Scarfing Products Achieving Global Success

Dormer Pramet’s Scarfing range is achieving global success.

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Scarfing is a specific metallurgical technique using indexable cutting tools to clean excess weld, both internally and externally, in the tube production process.

Welded steel tubes are used in the construction sector for water and gas distribution, as well as in the automotive industry for use as exhaust pipes, for example. Most materials used for tube making are carbon steel, corrosionresistant steel and heat-resistant materials.

Dormer Pramet has developed a strong base of tools for scarfing and the assortment has gained success around the world including in Germany, Italy, India and North America.

Tomasz Cymorek, International Application Engineer – Metallurgy at Dormer Pramet, said: “Our key advantage is that we can offer a wide assortment of products with high reliability.

“This includes our T9335 grade, which has been designed for machining steel and stainless steel, even under very unfavourable machining conditions. It consists of stable and highly reliable substrates with abrasion resistant coatings, offering excellent tool life.”

Various types of inserts SNMX 251224-Rxx (11 types), SNMA 250924-Rxx (3 types), SNMX 15 (1 type), SNMX 19 (5 types) and types of rings PSR (6 types) are also included in the range.

All inserts and grades are detailed in the Scarfing catalogue, which is available to download at

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