Heavy Machining Is What We Do

Dormer Pramet has a wide range of cutting tools available for the application area of heavy machining.

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In the application area of heavy machining, Dormer Pramet supports high metal removal from large-scale forgings and castings, as well as welded and oxy acetylene-cut work pieces.

These operations require highly reliable cutting tools capable of working in very tough conditions. Through long-term cooperation with leading industries in many countries, Dormer Pramet has developed a wide assortment of products, all of which are featured in a dedicated brochure.

The Heavy Machining publication is available in print and as a downloadable pdf in English, German and Czech on www.dormerpramet.com

Dormer Pramet’s offer includes tools for heavy milling and turning applications, with typical customers including high-volume manufacturers, material suppliers and subcontractors supplying pre-machined blanks.

In heavy turning, the company has indexable inserts with cutting edge lengths from 25 – 50mm and tool holders with a range of approach angles to cover all common applications, conditions and variations in machine power. Depending on demands for productivity and machine rigidity, an assortment of positive or negative inserts and geometries are available.

For heavy milling, a range of cutters for face milling, 90° shoulder milling, helical milling, chamfer milling and special milling have been developed. The main priorities are high metal removal rates and reliability of cutting edge.

The Heavy Machining brochure also includes sections detailing tools for scarfing, special threading of pipes, chamfering and bar peeling applications.

Removing weld deposit is one of last operations during tube production and this process is called scarfing. The application requires very good surface quality and high productivity with minimum defects on the weld. Dormer Pramet offers a complete set of tool holders and a wide range of indexable inserts for external as well as internal operations.

In bar peeling applications, the most important criteria include high productivity, dimensional accuracy of machined bars and excellent surface quality. Dormer Pramet’s range of inserts feature specific geometries for steel, stainless steel and difficult to machine materials.

Also, a large line of threading tools for the tube industry is part of the assortment. These tools are designed for standard and special thread profiles. Precise indexable inserts are manufactured using specific technology to achieve unique cutting-edge quality and profile precision.

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