Laser Technology: Platino Fiber Evo

Prima Power presents the new version of Platino Fiber, one of the top products of the Turin company. The 2D laser cutting machine, based on a more than consolidated platform with more than 2,000 installations worldwide, has been upgraded with important technological innovations that contribute to enhanced speed, reliability and productivity.

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Platino Fiber Evo is equipped with fiber laser sources (with 2, 3, 4, and 6 kW power) that provide the customer with high performance and, at the same time, great reliability.

One of the major innovations introduced is a new head for fiber laser cutting, which ensures significant benefits for the customer in terms of machine reliability, increased performance for reduced piercing times and increased cutting speeds, especially on thick material. Also, the new Platino Fiber Evo cabins increase the machine accessibility, reduce its overall dimensions and are easy to install. This version also features a new generation control, “Open”, produced by Prima Electro, that allows easy and complete management of the work programming and machine parameters.

In line with Prima Power tradition, the Platino Fiber Evo has been developed to maximize the customers’ competitiveness according to their applications. In fact, the machine is provided with different packages of options dedicated to the various production needs: Smart Cut, Max Cut and Night Cut.

New Head With Integrated Adaptive Collimator

The main innovation concerns the technological hub of laser machines, the cutting head. Platino Fiber Evo is equipped with the new cutting head with adaptive collimator designed and manufactured by Prima Power. It is a fiber laser cutting head with adaptive optics for automatic management of the focus position and focus radius diameter. Thanks to a quick, reactive and precise stand-off measurement, the new head is designed for excellent quality and dynamic cutting on all materials, but also for using maximum cutting pressures and resisting the most demanding environments. In line with Prima Power’s tradition, process reliability still provides important benefits thanks to the SIPS (Safe Impact Protection System), the lens case equipped with OPC (Optical Precision Control) quick alignment system and protection window case for easy inspection.

The head is equipped with a single focus lens, suitable for all production needs. The protection window is integrated into a dedicated case for easier inspection. The automatic adjustment of the focal position and the beam diameter provides excellent cutting flexibility of various thicknesses without manual intervention by the operator, ensuring maximum productivity.

The OPC (Optical Precision Control) can diagnose any differences between the real position and the theoretical position of the focusing beam and show them on the graphical user interface of the control system. Two knobs located at the front of the cutting head can be used to perform corrections that may be needed to center the lens in virtually no time.

A capacitive sensor keeps the distance between the nozzle and the sheet constant. The system is also equipped with a nozzle calibration and cleaning kit. After executing a predetermined number of holes or machined parts, the machine will automatically clean the nozzles and perform the sensor calibration cycle.

This translates to the customer in improved cutting performance, especially on thicker materials, reduced piercing times, and increased reliability of the entire machine.

New cabins

Another important new feature relates to the two new cabins available for Platino Fiber Evo, Lean and Open, which have been successfully introduced on the Laser Genius, another Prima Power 2D laser cutting machine. The Lean cabin is the best solution in terms of compactness, cost and easy installation.

With the Open cabin it is possible to utilize the good accessibility provided by cantilever structure of the machine. This cabin allows front, lateral and roof opening. The two lateral sliding doors can be completely opened to ensure excellent accessibility for the operator and allow easy loading and unloading of 1500 x 3000 mm sheets in any configuration, including automation. Next to the numerical control there is a manual opening sliding door that allows the operator to access the work area for lens replacement and routine maintenance operations.

New Open CNC Numerical Control

Platino Fiber Evo features the latest generation numeric control designed and manufactured by Prima Electro, a company of the Prima Industrie Group. It represents the intelligent and easy-to-use motor of Prima Power machines and provides the basic information to manage and monitor production. Its main functions include laser parameters monitoring and management, work programs editing and programming management with a complete preview function, also available in real time.

Dedicated Options For Every Production Need

The Smart Cut options suite is the ideal solution for fast processing of thin sheet metal (up to 6 mm thick) for which the nitrogen cutting technology can be used: a result obtained through technological solutions such as Smart Moves or Grid Cutting, which reduces unproductive times, such as the head positioning times. The result is a dramatic reduction in cycle times up to 30%.

To maximize productivity on parts made of medium and high thickness sheets (6 to 25 mm), the Max Cut options package was created. It is the integration of a customized database and of a series of technological options, achieved after many years of experience in the field of laser applications. It allows 40% cycle times reduction and a surprising 90% reduction of piercing time.

In case of intensive production, Prima Power has developed the Night Cut options package, which maximizes productivity and provides better process monitoring. This is made possible by devices that control the machining process status and intervene in case of errors restarting the operation or informing the operator remotely. The LPM (Laser Piercing Monitor) controls the piercing operations, the Plasma and TipTouch Restart monitor the cut, while the email Dispatching prompts the operator in case of problems.

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