Laser Technology: Unique Products Thanks To Laser Texturing

The machines of the LASERTEC Shape series from DMG MORI create geometrically defined surface structures with the highest reproducibility

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With the innovative LASERTEC Shape technology, DMG MORI has set new standards in the mould making sector.

The laser texturing of geometrically defined surface structures is more environmentally friendly than conventional etching and provides significant design freedom with at the same time highest reproducibility. Furthermore, the surface properties can be influenced in this procedure in a targeted way. Tool and mould makers benefit from this in almost all industries, where products also set themselves apart from the competition with individually designed surfaces: Fittings in the automotive industry, mobile phone cases, jewellery or drinks bottles. The LASERTEC Shape series from DMG MORI provides suitable production solutions. With the LASERTEC 45 Shape, the LASERTEC 75 Shape as well as the large models LASERTEC 125 Shape and LASERTEC 210 Shape, the machine tool manufacturer covers practically all component sizes.

With the innovative LASERTEC Shape technology, DMG Mori has set new standards in the mould making sector – representation of a glove compartment cover with combined honeycomb/leather structure.

The introduction of the LASERTEC Shape technology was a big step for tool and mould makers. Particularly in automotive engineering, there has since been a futureoriented alternative to conventional etching. Other industries benefit from the significantly higher precision compared to conventional milling. Blow moulds for PET bottles, or for example watch faces in the watch-making industry can be equipped with finest structures, but also lettering and engravings.

LASERTEC 75 Shape – state-of-the-art laser and future-oriented software

DMG MORI is prepared for this development and has only recently integrated the compact LASERTEC 75 Shape in its portfolio for laser texturing, which is already fully equipped for Industrie 4.0. With a footprint of < 8 mÇ, it is the ideal complement even in tightest production environments. Its ergonomic design with a door opening of 1,310mm provides perfect access to the generously dimensioned work area. Workpieces weighing up to 600kg (with the optional tandem drive up to 1,000kg) with diameters of max. ø 840mm and heights of 520mm find sufficient space here. The traverse paths are 750mm x 650mm x 560mm in the X, Y and Z axes.

The core elements of the LASERTEC 75 Shape are the powerfully pulsed 100 W fibre laser and the 3D processing optics. These are responsible for the material removal by 3D laser in layers and in combination with the NC swivel rotary table, provide contourparallel laser shaping. This enables fast and smooth laser texturing also for 3D free-forms.

When it comes to the control system, DMG MORI relies on a SIEMENS 840 D solutionline for the LASERTEC 75 Shape. Combined with CELOS, the machine can also be optimally integrated into the company organization. User-friendly and applicationrelated LASERSOFT software features ensure simple and productive operation of the LASERTEC 75 Shape.

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