Laser Technology: AMADA LCG-3015 AJ – Perfect Balance Of Low Energy Usage And High Speed Productivity

Building on the success of the LCG-AJ range of fiber laser cutting machines, AMADA has moved ahead with the introduction of the 3rd generation of fiber laser engine design. Utilizing 3 kW diode modules, which are the largest available, the improvements in beam quality and reduced power consumption translate into higher productivity and profitability.

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The new 9kW version of the AMADA LCG- 3015AJ Laser allows high speed and top quality laser cutting also of medium thickness materials, while providing a quality cut never previously achieved by a fiber laser.

Three 3-kW fiber laser modules form the basis for the 9kW version of the AMADA LCG-AJ laser cutting system.

The AMADA LCG-AJ completes the range of proven AMADA fiber laser systems for the high performance segment. The high output permits very high speed and top level quality processing of thin and midthickness materials. However, the system also supports the precise, reliable processing ofexceptionally thick sheets where the cutting speeds of mid thickness mild steel is 1 and 2 times faster than the 6kW. Furthermore, the high power fiber laser makes it possible to process various thick materials with quality results.

Latest generation of laser modules

AMADA was the world’s first laser manufacturer to develop its own fiber laser oscillator. In a CO2 laser oscillator, laser light is pumped with laser-gas, emitted via the output mirror and delivered by reflector mirrors to the cutting head. The fiber laser oscillator has no need for this. The monolithic structure allows the laser power produced by the individual laser diode banks to be combined into a single fiber optic cable for direct delivery to the cutting head.

In order to enhance the production of fiber laser oscillators at AMADA’s Fujinomiya facility and to meet ever increasing demand, clean rooms have been created specifically for production and assembly operations.

Alternative to the CO2 Laser

The AMADA LCG-3015AJ 9kW can be regarded as an appropriate, high performance alternative to CO2 lasers. It excels in terms of energy consumption: Although the output power has increased by a third compared to the 6kW laser, the energy consumption of the 9kW version is not significantly higher. By contrast, a similar increase in power in a CO2 laser would require significantly higher consumption levels. Another advantage: The AMADA fiber laser has a modular structure and its short wavelength means that there is no need for a deflecting mirror. Efficiency can be increased further through automation options such as the MPL (Sheet manipulator), the ASF (Sheet storage and manipulation) and even the TK system for individual part removal.

Machines are available in 2kW, 3kW, 4kW, 6kW and 9kW options.

For more information, contact Amada – Tel: 011 453 5459

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