Sawing: Durma Double Column Automatic Bandsaw

Today, bandsaws are the easiest, the fastest and the best way to cut metal. They are used in cutting iron, copper compounds, aluminium compounds, production steel, carbon steel, hot-cold work tool steel, reform steel, pattern steel, nickel chrome compound steel, bearing steel, stainless steel, titanium compounds, foundries, construction steels and non-ferrous metals straight or angular.

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It can cut one by one and also multiple. As bandsaws are fast and inexpensive, they are used commonly in steel plants, craft, aircraft, automotive industries and manufacturing, construction and aluminium sectors.

All mechanical and hydraulic systems of HB and DCB series Durma bandsaws are designed by experienced Durmazlar engineers in the R&D centre by using parametric 3D technology. Electric and electronic systems are designed in-house by computer and mechatronics engineers, while prototypes are forwarded to serial production after numerous tests.

DURMA HB, DCB series bandsaws feature a strong and heavy body design combined with high motor power and fast cutting ability; add to this longer blade life and a low sound level.

Hydraulic movements are facilitated by Rexroth valves, while all electrical control components are selected from Siemens and Schneider.

Bimetal Bandsaw and Cooling System

Standard features include a hydraulic vice, electric cutting speed adjustment with inverter, a bimetal bandsaw and cooling system and a bearing and carbide type blade housing. The NC control system, chip brush and a roller table complete the lineup. Extra tables can be put together to support longer materials.

Optional equipment includes a motorized chip-brush, chip conveyor, a laser marking system and hydraulic top clamping. A micro spray cooling system, automatic cutting pressure control and an extra roller table, measuring 1500mm length is also available.

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