Sawing: Cosen CNC-430 Performance Bandsaw

The Cosen CNC-430 performance bandsaw machine features worldclass design with technology to cut faster and smarter, while saving the user money.

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Hard material like inconel, titanium and stainless steel are expensive to cut due to extensive time consumption, tool costs and demand for an experienced operator.

With the Cosen CNC-430 customers are in full control by cutting hard material faster, extending blade life and eliminating guesswork or operator error.

With the CNC-430 blades and work orders can be managed from the office, while cutting with recommended rates storing favourite parameters.

The CNC-430 features a cast iron saw frame, 4 oversized linear rails, large cast iron wheels with reinforcement arms, dual vibration dampeners and extra large/wide guide arms, while a V-Drive further acts to remove harmonics and vibration.

The dual vibration dampeners enhance cutting performance by suppressing the maximum amount of blade vibration.

Dual Vibration Dampener
Robust Guide Arms
Anti-Vibration Quick Approach Device
Cast Iron Saw Frame










The heavy duty and rugged cast iron saw frame stabilizes downfeed movement; thereby ensuring the performance and accuracy of the cut and also extending blade life.

Cosen produce metal cutting band saws from the smallest versions up to CNC machines. It is an ideal tool for the machine shop, maintenance shop, metal fabricating shop, school and limited run production work. Its solid construction ensures many years of accurate and reliable performance.

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