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The history of Amada cutting-edge bandsaw technology dates back to 1946; ever since our goals have been to provide customers with increased productivity and reliability.

While technology evolved, we embraced CNC automation as a core strength, thus improving throughput. Today we are uniquely positioned to help customers expand production capabilities and growing their business.

No two customers’ needs are exactly alike. Finding the right solution means thoroughly understanding objectives and configuring a solution that matches them precisely. Our engineers have decades of industry experience which promote achieving specified goals with a process that fits and enhances a customer’s work flow.

From the early beginnings of bandsaw machinery produced by Amada, (many of which are still running today), Amada has strived to offer machines that not only meet customers’ needs, but exceed them by offering features that were once considered impossible.

The technology of the bandsaw demonstrates the ability and limitations of the blade. As blades advance in technology, so do the machines utilizing them. Amada, as a proud manufacturer of both the machines and the blades, continues to research these developments and incorporates customer feedback to produce constantly evolving solutions.

Amada supplies bandsaw machinery and blades, such as the HK / HD series for mitre cutting, the semi-automatic H series, fully automatic HA / HFA series and the VM vertical series. The latest bandsaw technology is reflected in models such as the Dynasaw 430, the PCSAW with pulse cutting technology and CMB high speed circular saws.

Some features include out of square cutting detection, motion detectors to monitor the blade for jamming or breakage while cutting and quick approach arms. Add to this no work limit switches and work lights, hydraulic blade tensioning, variable blade speed control, vice pressure control units and positively driven wire brushes. 9 times feed for cutting long lengths and cut-off counters ensure the correct number of cuts. All these features, assist semi-skilled workers in the operation of the machines.

Certain models can be left to run unmanned on larger batch runs, thus allowing staff to do other important jobs at the same time. Take-up conveyors and tripod stands are available making material handling simple during the loading and cutting process.

Models available start with the entry level of 250mm capacity, which are highly popular and favourably priced. With larger steel suppliers all utilizing Amada bandsaws daily, testimony is given to their accuracy, reliability and longevity. Cutting accuracies are obtained right down to 0,2mm. With such accuracies, the need for secondary machining processes is greatly reduced and in some cases eliminated.

The latest additions to the Amada bandsaw range is the PCSAW, with either single pulse cutting action or double pulse cutting action. The PCSAW series is designed to offer high cutting rates, high precision, low noise and long blade life.

Vibration has always been an unwanted characteristic of metal sawing when cutting too fast. It leads to decreased blade life, noise and uneven or inaccurate cutting. By introducing a controlled pulsating motion to the blade through either an induction motor or a servo motor, all unwanted vibrations are eliminated and most efficient metal cutting is achieved. Blade temperature is reduced considerably during the process, and this together with positive chip removal through a twin wire brush system and a large area chip conveyor all enhance blade life and reduce running costs. All PCSAW bandsaws are operated through the on-board userfriendly CNC control.

The HPSaw (High Performance Saw) is possibly the fastest bandsaw in its class with the latest in cutting speed innovation and the ability to cut at up to 1.5 times faster than the high speed circular saws.

The specially designed AXCELA HP1 blade for this machine also reduces material wastage by up to 60% and guarantees accurate cutting.

Circular sawing machines are the optimal technology for realizing reduction in cycle time and high-precision cutting needed for steel bar cutting at high speed. An automatic loading table for continued cutting operation is supported by a CNC powered cut-in control for ease of operation. In perfecting functionality of these machines, Amada has developed a unique carbide tip circular blade that cuts cleanly, generating virtually no burrs.

A full range of bi-metal bandsaw blades are produced by Amada to compliment machine technology. As mentioned previously, a bandsaw demonstrates the ability and limitations of a blade. This means that a machine is only as good as the blade being used. Amada blades have earned the reputation of extreme reliability and longevity. All blades are manufactured in Japan to the most stringent quality standards and utilizing the latest in electron beam welding methods. These measures ensure that premature blade breakage is almost unheard of. The comprehensive range of blades available is tailor-made for all types of cutting conditions on all types of steels and profiles.

Robustness of Amada machinery, combined with longevity of Amada blades and a highly dedicated backup policy provide Amada customers, with total peace of mind.

For more information, contact Amada – Tel: 011 453 5459


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