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Walter AG maximises process reliability and productivity with its new copy turning system

With the W1011-P, Walter is bringing a copy turning system to the market which will maximise process reliability and cost-efficiency compared to conventional systems. This is primarily thanks to its much greater stability when copy turning with relief grooves of up to 50°. Unlike VCMT and DCMT inserts, the system’s new three-edged WL25 indexable inserts are precisely secured in the toolholder by a prism in the insert seat and on the insert itself. This ensures that the insert cannot move in the toolholder. In addition to high process reliability and precision thanks to highly accurate indexing – both when turning the inserts to the next cutting edge and when replacing them – this provides over 50% greater accuracy when compared to ISO inserts. In addition, the system has an increased tool life thanks to the option to machine in both directions of movement, meaning that the two cutting edges can be used.

The copy turning system also uses WL25 indexable inserts, which further increases its cost-efficiency. Three cutting edges (rather than two cutting edges on VCMT inserts) with wear-resistant cutting tool materials in addition to precision cooling improve the tool life. The same also applies to the universal usability of the W1011-P system. Its four insert types (neutral, left-hand, right-hand and full-radius versions) for different profiling angles and applications fit into the same toolholder and mean that it can be used for all ISO materials (P, M, S and K). Potential areas of application include copy turning (for example, for drive shafts, ball bearings, valves, etc.) and dynamic turning – particularly for operations which use a different or alternating machining direction. This allows users to increase cost-efficiency by up to 75% in finishing up to medium machining operations.

For more information, please contact Spectra Carbide Tooling Technology – Tel: 021 555 4144.

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