Now in the large format of 6.2 x 2.5 meters: Bystronic introduces the ByCut Smart fiber laser in the new 6225 large format.
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More sheet metal, more parts, more variety and a new design. The ByCut Smart 6225 further optimizes sheet utilization thanks to the 6225 cutting format. The new system features up to 10 kilowatts of laser power with the optional BeamShaper and all this at an advantageous price.

More sheet metal, more parts, more variety. Laser cutting systems for larger formats offer users the opportunity to distinguish themselves from the competition without excessive financial investment. That is why Bystronic is expanding its fiber laser product line ByCut Smart with the 6225 format in a new design. The machine can also be equipped with a choice of the Fiber 3000, 4000, 6000, 8000, or 10000 laser sources.

With the new large format, users can process sheet metal with lengths of up to 6.2 meters and widths of 2.5 meters on the ByCut Smart. This increases the productivity of the machine, because cut parts can be nested more efficiently on large-format sheet metal. At the same time, undesirable raw material waste is significantly reduced due to a high degree of material utilization. The BySoft CAM process software supports users in this process with intelligent nesting procedures.

Broad range of cutting applications

Furthermore, the new format increases the variety of cutting applications on the ByCut Smart. Along with various small parts, large parts can also be cut from large-format sheet metal as needed, without interrupting the machine during the laser cutting. This is another competitive advantage not offered by laser cutting systems in current standard formats.

Besides cutting applications with extra-large sheet metal, it is also possible to process sheet metal in smaller formats, lined up on the ByCut Smart’s long cutting table. In this process, users can prepare enough raw material for the fiber laser system to subsequently run in cutting mode for longer.

In addition to ByCut Smart 6225, Bystronic offers the fiber laser in 12020, 8020, 6520, 4020 and 3015 formats.

For more information on the please see or contact Bystronic on 010 410 0200.

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