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The Walter PVD grade WSP45G opens up a new range of applications

With Tiger·tec® Gold, Walter established a milling grade (initially CVD) on the market that many users consider to be the benchmark due to its long tool life. Walter is now expanding the wide range of Tiger·tec® Gold applications to drilling for the first time with the addition of the new PVD grade WSP45G.

WSP45G is the only grade on the market thus far to come with an aluminium oxide (Al2O3) multilayer: Its high level of crystallisation makes it not only extremely wear-resistant, but also heat-resistant. This effectively protects the TiAlN layer below it from heat transfer and therefore from wear when processing ISO P materials. This is the case particularly whenever heat cannot be dissipated through chips – for example when processing ISO materials M and S with poor thermal conductivity. A gold-coloured top layer made from zirconium nitride (ZrN) makes wear detection easy so that every cutting edge is used.

The three indexable insert drills Walter has selected for use with the equally tough and wear-resistant Tiger·tec® Gold cutting tool materials cover a wide range of applications: The B321x.DF. is particularly suitable for small diameters from 10 to 18 mm; it effectively competes with the solid carbide drills here. The D3120 is considered to be particularly economic because is only requires one type of indexable insert, both on the outside and in the centre; these are universal requirements the WSP45G grade meets perfectly. As a specialist for use on lathes, the D3120 additionally benefits from the new grade as high wear forces are generated when turning with an X offset. Users requiring high precision when drilling should select the D4120 for diameters from 13.5 to 59 mm.

For more information, please contact Spectra Carbide Tooling Technology – Tel: 021 555 4144.

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