Everising’s H series bandsaws are well-suited for heavy duty cutting applications as their column- type design allows for maximum cutting stability.
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Everising has four pivot-type bandsaws in its S-250HB – S 460HB range. The bandsaws feature full PLC control of all electrical and hydraulic functions. The raising and lowering of the cutting head is controlled by a single lifting cylinder which makes for quick, efficient operation. Work-pieces are secured during cutting by a hydraulically controlled dual-vice clamping system. Blade tension, a factor that can extend the life of a blade, on Everising’s S machines is controlled hydraulically for optimal blade life. Blade speed is controlled by an inverter giving infinitely variable speeds of between 20 to 100 m/min. The machines also feature automatic shuttle-type feeding systems.

A pre-set counter shuts off the S Series bandsaws after a given number of items have been cut, while an idler-wheel motion-detector shuts down the machine should the blade stall or break. In addition, the saws detect when stock has run out and automatically shut down. In its column type H Series bandsaw range, Everising offers 11 different models. These range from the H-250HA with a 250mm cutting capacity to the large H-1100HANC capable of cutting workpieces of 1000mm x 1100mm dimension. The machines at the larger end of the range have progressively more features, such as the ability to use tungsten-carbide tipped blades. However, all of the H series bandsaws are well- suited for heavy duty cutting applications as their column type design allows for maximum cutting stability. Should the blade on an H series machine break, the machine will automatically shut down to protect both the operator and the machine. The bandsaws are fitted with automatic chip conveyors which keep the inside of the machine clean and save on operator time. In terms of the operator’s time, the H series are fitted with user-friendly NC touchscreen controls with a self- diagnostic control system. As with the S series, the H series’ hydraulic system and electrical devices are controlled by PLC. When there is need to cut bundles of steel rod, on the H series S-250B to the H-460 HB models, a hold-down device ensures that the material being cut stays secure in the machine thereby offering consistent quality. For larger work-pieces, the bandsaws in the H series are equipped with a hydraulic full-stroke, dual-vice clamping system. For machines capable of cutting diameters greater than 700mm, the guide arm travels on linear guide-ways for greater stability during cutting. On the larger H Series models, an anti-vibration roller not only eliminates vibration but extends blade life as well. The anti-vibration roller and the saw blade clamp are automatically adjusted. Optional H-Series devices feature an out-of-square detection system which automatically shuts the machine down while adjusting dual wire blade cleaning brushes which also serve to extend blade life. Everising’s automated functions allow for a minimum of skilled supervision.

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