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Amada’s continued commitment to reliability and dependable service is evident through the continued research and development carried out by the company.

With over 75 years of experience and expertise to rely on, Amada is at the forefront of bandsawing technology. The ever-growing need for – faster, cheaper and simpler – is a driving force behind the development of state-of-the art equipment.

Everyone knows that time is money, but very few take heed to the practice of investing in reliable, dependable equipment in order to eliminate down time, to speed up production, increase quality and reduce scrap.

Amada has, through their many years of experience, managed to produce both machines and blades to cater for all cutting needs in the different world markets. Every feature, function and configuration offered by Amada has been carefully considered and applied to specific machine models in order to obtain the ultimate in productivity for specific cutting requirements. Amada’s aim is to take productivity to the next level, and offer products that exceed expectations. Features such as “skew cut detection” allow for unmanned production as the machine is constantly monitoring its own cutting accuracy.  Multi vices allow for bundle cutting which in turn increases through put and cut-off-counters ensure the correct number of cuts which prevents over or under production. Simple things like the positively driven wire brush add to the longevity of the blade by removing swarf from the root of the blade tooth and the variable blade speed adjustment ensures optimum operation.

Operator friendly controls ensure simplicity and ease of use, thus allowing skilled and semi-skilled operators to become professionals in their jobs. Simple hands-on training supplied by Amada will ensure proper, extended blade life as well as machine reliability.

HA Series

Amada’s range of sawing equipment is able to cater for all types of cutting demands. From a simple- accurate single piece cutting, to high volume- high demand accurate cutting, there is a machine model to suit every cutting need.

The Amada range of bandsaw machinery includes both horizontal and vertical models. The most popular of which has to be the ever-faithful “HA” – horizontal series. This tried and trusted HA series has proven that they are built to outlast any other. Some of these machines in the market are still running after 50 plus- years. Although technology has been updated over the years, the basics remain the same and accuracy and reliability are still guaranteed. The vertical range of bandsaws – the VM series is also a reliable range offered that has now been complimented with the “VT” Series which allows for the tilting of the cutting head for angular cutting. These machines are available as manual machines or automatic programmable options.

VM 1200
CM Series

High production requirements are catered for with the CM Series, the PC Saw and the HP Saw series of machines. These machines are capable of high speed and high volume cutting. Pre-set cutting conditions ensure accurate and optimal operation and drastically reduce scrap as well as material handing thanks to the programmable cutting data. Standard and optional accessories available will also assist in streamlining the cutting process in production.

Amada offers a full variety of bandsaw blades to compliment the reliability of the machinery. With careful attention given to detail, Amada blades have proven themselves to give outstanding blade life and accurate cutting results. The most common of the range is the SGLB blade. This is a M42 Bi-Metal blade that is ultimately the best “all-rounder”. The most important consideration when selecting a blade, is the blade pitch. This is what determines the ultimate blade life together with feed speeds. Coarse blades used on smaller products will cause blade chipping and premature blade failure. Similarly, fine blades on large products will result in teeth clogging and excessive heat      build-up , then premature failure again.  Feeds and speeds play just as an important role and it is imperative that settings are correct according to the blade being used and product being cut.

Axcela Blade
SGLB Blade


Amada offers a full range of blades to cater for all cutting needs. This range includes the SGLB, Axcela H, Axcela G, CTB, Magnum HI-LO, Magnum 71, Super HI-LO, Protector, Cobalt8 and DUOS blades. The TCB series of circular saw blades is also supplied by Amada for Cold Saws.

All blades manufactured by Amada are tested by stringent methods to ensure quality and reliability. This together with quality material grades used ensures reliability and longevity.

For more information, please contact Amada – Tel: 011 453-5459.



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