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Tongtai has released several new machines in the last two years including VMCs with turning functionality (VMT-200), 5 Axis VMCs with additive hybrid technology (AMH-350) as well as Ultra-sonic machining solutions (VU-5).

Tongtai always has and will continue to provide the best productivity vs cost ratio solutions to its customers. With the ability to supply single function CNCs all the way through to mass production turnkey systems, Tongtai is the ideal partner for any manufacturing organization.

With this is mind and following requests from customers, the decision was made to introduce a B-axis head multi-tasking CNC lathe.

When comparing to competitors, Tongtai has focused on overall larger diameters with longer length capacities.

Tongtai TMS Series mill/turn machines are available in 4 different models, each with 3 different configurations with up to 9 axes. The standard TMS machine has a main spindle with programmable tailstock, while the TMS-S has a sub-spindle in place of the tailstock, and the TMS-ST features both a sub-spindle and a lower turning turret. Maximum turning diameter is 660mm with bed lengths up to 2000mm.

The TMS Series consists of the TMS-2000 (8″ chuck, 51″ bar), TMS-2500 (10″ chuck, 76″ bar capacity), TMS-3000 (12″ chuck, 76″ bar capacity) and TMS-3800 (15″ chuck, 89″ bar capacity).


With such a large working envelope and machine options, the target workpieces and industries include aerospace, prototyping, medical, automotive, tooling and medium to mass production.

TMS Series machines feature a one piece 75° mono-block slant bed that permits free flow of chips as well as easy access to the spindles and cutting tools. A true linear (perpendicular) Y-axis simplifies programming. Roller-type linear guideways in all axes and large-diameter pre-tensioned ballscrews provide precise position accuracy. The machines are made of Meehanite cast iron for rigidity and vibration dampening.

Both main and sub-spindles feature dual-wound built-in motors with electronic high/low gears. Both spindles have a full Cs axis (0.001°) with braking system. Three-piece Hirth couplings rigidly lock the spindles in place in 1˚ increments for heavy milling and high accuracy. Spindle power ranges from 26kW on the TMS-2000

to 60kW on the TMS-3800. Both main and sub-spindles are liquid cooled for thermal stability.

The B-axis milling spindle has a zero-backlash roller gear drive with highspeed rotation of 33.3 rpm and ±120˚ of movement from the vertical position. It features a rigid 3-piece coupling to lock the spindle in place for heavy turning and can be indexed in 15° increments.

The integral spindle milling motor delivers 22kW and 12,000 rpm and a 40 station with 80 optional arm type tool changer is standard, while an optional 10 station lower turret provides turning capability to both spindle as well as pinch turning ability with the B-axis. The automatic tool changer is available in either HSK-63T or Sandvik Capto C-6 tooling systems. These options mean the machine is especially suitable for small-volume, large-variety production.

The extended Y-axis stroke of ±125mm promotes less dependence on C-axis which results in shorter cycle times.

The standard Fanuc 31iT-B provides two-path control for simultaneous turning operations as well as 4+1 milling ability. The optional 31iT-B5 or Siemens 840D enables 5-axis simultaneous milling.

The benefits of multi-tasking machining are proven time and again. However, incorporating single clamping, easy tool set up and interchange ability means that machines become even more productive, while increasing efficiency leads to a better cost per piece for the user.

For more information please contact PBS Machine Tools – Tel: 011 914-3360.

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