TH Machine Tools, South African Agent for Hurco, has some of the latest Hurco turning centres, featuring the newest controls in its showroom. While TH was appointed official agent in 2019, the company has already been working with Hurco going back to 2015. Over the years TH personnel have received extensive training at Hurco in the UK and thus are perfectly equipped to support and assist customers in South Africa with any problem they might encounter. TH is looking forward to presenting the latest Hurco technology to existing and new customers alike.

Hurco has helped TH Machine Tools to continue working with existing clients across the country and establish new connections. This continued connection has helped multiple clients to purchase more machines and to add new equipment to continually grow their capabilities.

TH Machine Tools has an extensive range of machines available from Hurco, not just focusing on large manufacturing plants. Smaller machine shops may be interested to know that herculean centres like the TMX12Mi have many smaller brothers to choose from, like the TM6i, which has a turning length of 340mm.

This range of options allows clients to easily find a machine that not only fits their budget but can perfectly fit within their available space. Add to this the unique and intuitive WinMax interface that allows for quick and easy operation.

For more information, please contact TH Machine Tools – Tel: 012 259 1375.

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