Automation Solutions For Amada Press Brakes

While many assume press brakes to be mature technology, AMADA continues to push the boundaries of what can be achieved with this core metal-forming process. As a result the company offers a number of important automation advancements that are designed to deskill and reduce costs for fabrication shops everywhere.

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A piece of integral technology able to advance productivity is AMADA’s innovative ATC (automatic tool changer). The HGATC is the company’s flagship press brake and is unique in the marketplace.

ATC technology facilitates the automatic locating and precise loading of punch and die profiles using an independent four-axis tool manipulator, delivering dramatic time gains. In fact, using a clever algorithm to guarantee the best set-up time means the HG-ATC can load even the most complex tool layout within just 3 minutes.

HG-ATC press brakes can be equipped with AMADA SF75 sheet followers. These handy devices, which fit to the front of the machine, make it easier to handle large, heavy parts, which perhaps would have previously required two operators. As a result, labour costs can be immediately halved.

Of course, most people associate automation with robotics, and here AMADA’s latest offering is the HG-ARs. This robotized bending cell, which is equipped with the AC-300 automatic pallet changer and ATC, perfectly illustrates all the productivity and flexibility gains that can be achieved using the latest automation technology. Material load/unload and bending functions are performed by a seven-axis articulated robot, which is capable of a complete range of motions.

A seven-axis robot also features in AMADA’s HG-Rm press brake system for bending large-scale parts featuring complex rib and panel shapes. Here, special grippers dedicated to rib parts are used to process complex shapes in short cycle times. The automatic re-gripping device, which does not require any manual set-up, is equipped with two motorized arms and automatic scissor supports.

From a software perspective, AMADA offers its advanced VPSS 3i suite for the provision of streamlined workflow from initial 3D CAD model to finished product, taking in processes such as cutting, punching, bending and welding. The key to the success of the VPSS 3i system is the constant data link between the separate software modules (such as Blank CAM, Bend CAM and Weld CAM), the machines and the central database. This database stores all parts, machines, tools, materials and technology-related information in a consistent way, distributing the data quickly and reliably. All of AMADA’s automation solutions incorporate the latest digital technologies in line with smart factory concepts.


Equipped with an ATC (Automatic Tool Changer) the HG-ATC provides unmatched flexibility and productivity. The ATC is capable of storing 15 punches and 18 dies (1003 model) or 18 punches and 25 dies (2204 model). Locating and loading the appropriate tooling is quick and efficient. The system’s fouraxis manipulator precisely selects and places punches and dies from the tool magazine – avoiding costly delays typically associated with conventional tool changes. The manipulators can move independently and a clever algorithm guarantees the best setup time. HGATC features and benefits include much quicker and more precise tool setup compared to manual operation plus the possibility to introduce rush jobs seamlessly. Add to this the perfect suitability for small batch sizes and complex tool layouts and a huge ergonomic advantage for the operator.

For more information, please contact AMADA – Tel: 011 453-5459

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