Micro3Feed New Fast Feed Milling Indexable Small Size Tools

ISCAR is expanding its range of advantageous Fast Feed milling products by introducing a new family of indexable small-size cutters in the diameter range of 10-16mm.

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The new cutters have been designed to replace solid carbide endmills, providing the advantages of indexable tools to deliver an excellent cost benefit solution.

The new family, MICRO3FEED, is intended for productive rough milling compact parts, small-in-size cavities, pockets, etc., at high feed rates. MICRO3FEED should be applied in die and mold making and the manufacture of miniature parts and small components, among other applications. The new family is ideal for use in low power machining centers and turn-milling machine tools.

The cutters carry single-sided trigon inserts with three cutting edges and feature a maximal depth of cut 0.6mm, a 17° cutting edge angle, a positive rake angle and ramping-down capability. Coolant holes are directed to each individual cutting edge, for an efficient coolant supply through the cutter body.

The MICRO3FEED cutters are available in the following configurations: FFT3 EFM endmills in 10, 12 and 16mm diameters and FFT3 EFM-MM endmill heads with a MULTIMASTER threaded connection in 10, 12 and 16mm diameters.

The cutters carry FFT3 WXMT 030206 inserts that are secured by a central clamping screw. The inserts are available in two carbide grades for machining different workpiece materials: ISO P (steel, ferritic and martensitic stainless steel), ISO K (cast iron), ISO S (high temperature alloys) and ISO H (hardened steel and cast iron). The radius for programming of FFT3 EFM…-03 is 1.1mm.

For more information contact ISCAR South Africa – Tel: 011 997 2700

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