With The New MC232 Perform Milling Cutter Line, Walter Is Expanding Its Most Cost-Efficient Segment

With the new Walter Prototyp MC232 Perform solid carbide milling cutters, Walter is unveiling the first range of round milling tools in the Perform line. Its most outstanding feature is universal applicability.

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With the MC232 Perform product line, Walter is adding to its range of solid carbide milling cutters.

Three new cutter types, with 2, 3 or 4 teeth, in a diameter range of 2 to 20mm from a 6mm shank diameter with a Weldon shank. It is the first time that solid carbide milling cutters have been included in the Perform line. The Perform line is designed to be highly economical and suitable for use in a wide range of applications, which is what makes it so advantageous, particularly when machining small and medium quantities. The properties of the new MC232 Perform milling cutters are beneficial for those users whose top priority is the universal applicability of their tools, not tool life – as a long tool life is often not measurable or exploitable when machining small quantities anyway.

Universal applicability is also mirrored in the MC232 Perform milling cutters’ technical features. Thanks to their geometry with centre cutting edge and 35° spiral, as well as the WJ30ED grade, the new corner/slot milling cutters are suitable for all common milling operations such as lateral milling, full slotting, pocket milling, ramping and helical plunging. They can be used in industries ranging from mechanical engineering, mould and die, to the automotive and energy industries. The milling cutters are universally applicable in all steel materials, stainless steels and cast iron (ISO P, M and K).

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