Walter Extends Its TC115/TC216 Perform Line

Metric fine threads are now included in the extended product line of the TC115 Perform for blind-hole machining operations and the TC216 Perform for through-hole machining operations. The benefits of the metric counterparts, such as versions in two coating variants, remain the same.

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Manufacturer for precision tools, Walter, is extending its Perform line with new metric fine taps from the Walter Protoyp TC115/TC216 Perform line for blind-hole and throughhole machining operations.

The same benefits apply to metric fine taps with regard to the excellent profitability of small and medium-sized batches and the extensive range of applications in the Perform line.

Other advantages that also apply to the new metric fine taps in dimensions M8 Å~ 1 up to M18 Å~ 1.5 include threads on load-bearing components which need higher load-bearing capacity, threads for adjusting screws, e.g. on measuring devices which require a high level of precision during adjustment.

Another benefit is the self-clamping system due to the lower thread pitch. Like their metric counterparts, Walter also offers the new metric fine taps with two different coatings, including TiNcoated for exceptionally long tool life, vaporised for excellent chip control and reduced weld formation. For UNC threads, the ANSI shank diameter has been added to the product range.

These variants which differ from the DIN version are primarily of interest for countries in the NAFTA market. The primary applications of the new taps are ISO P: 350–1000 N/mm2, for ISO M: < 800 N/mm2 and for ISO K: GJS (GGG). Secondary application for blind-hole machining operations and additional primary application for through holes is ISO N aluminium wrought alloy and AlSi < 4% silicon.

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