Walter Perform Line ISO Turning Indexable Inserts

The indexable inserts from Walter’s Perform line are versatile. They can be used for roughing, medium machining and finishing operations in the ISO P, M and K material groups.

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Walter’s Perform line combines increased standards of quality with maximum cost-effectiveness.

These Perform line characteristics will continue with the new ISO turning indexable inserts. The negative indexable inserts with four to eight cutting edges are available in three proven Walter geometries: FV5 (finishing), MV5 (medium machining) and RV5 (roughing). The WPV10 (for: ISO P10/M10/K20) and WPV20 (for: ISO P20/M20/K30) grades are CVD-coated universal grades with extremely high resistance to flank face wear. The inserts fit in all standard ISO turning toolholders in accordance with DIN ISO 1832, which makes them, not only cost-effective but also extremely versatile and easily identifiable by the “V” for “versatile” in the designation.

The coating composition provides maximum tool life at moderate cutting speeds (up to 250 m/min). During turning operations, the cutting parameters are limited, for example, by machines in the medium power range or by a corresponding component design (e.g. imbalance, size, etc.) with the aim to offer the most cost-effective, price-performance ratio for any application. In addition to excellent cost-effectiveness, the Perform line is also designed to offer users maximum reliability, versatility, easy handling and maximum process reliability.

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