Walter Indexable Inserts Maximise Efficiency

The new LNMU... circumference-sintered indexable inserts in proven L55T geometry supplement Walter’s range of indexable inserts for BLAXX milling tools.

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Walter’s LNHU… indexable inserts with a fully ground circumference have repeatedly proven themselves in various milling applications.

They can be used in F5041, F5141 and F5241 tangential Walter BLAXX shoulder milling cutters as well as porcupine milling cutters and adjustable cartridge cutters and have been gradually developed to become a system insert. Now Walter is adding a new sintered variant which is primarily characterized by its efficiency. The new LNMU… indexable inserts with L55T geometry will initially launch on the market in Tiger·tec® Gold, grade WKP35G and Tiger·tec® Silver, grades WKP25S, WK45S and WKK25.

As with the previous LNHU… ground indexable inserts, the new range has four cutting edges on each circumference-sintered insert, displaying extremely high levels of concentricity and run-out accuracy when used in Walter BLAXX milling cutters. Key features include soft cutting action due to helical cutting edges, high feeds and precise 90° approach angles plus high process reliability and efficiency.

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