Okuma’s Genos M560-V With Larger Work Envelope

A high column design, CAT 40 spindle and intelligent technologies enhance this CNC machine’s ability to cut a variety of exotic metals.

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The GENOS M560-V vertical machining center, combines a high column design and CAT 40 BIG- PLUS® spindle to cut large, complex parts.

The larger work envelope minimizes restrictions on workpieces, tool lengths and the rotary table. A highly rigid, thermally-stable, double-column construction gives this CNC machine the ability to withstand thermal deformation, resulting in improved machining performance. It’s also one of the heaviest machines in its class.

A powerful 30 hp spindle with 146 ft. lbs. of torque allows this machine to cut challenging metals such as titanium and Inconel as well as stainless steel and aluminium. A separate automatic tool changer door makes tool changing seamless without interrupting the machining process. The table moves only in Y, while the spindle moves in X & Z, enabling a smaller machine footprint, rapid feed rates, precise cutting and smooth surface finishes. Coupled with a user-friendly design and energy-saving technology, the GENOS M560-V truly delivers machining excellence.

Thermo-Friendly Concept, Okuma’s proprietary thermal deformation compensation technology is standard on this machine. Pretension ball screws and bi-directional spindle cooling allow for better control of the machining process. Optional Collision Avoidance and Machining Navi Intelligent Technologies are available.

Key specs of the GENOS M560-V vertical machining center include a max machining volume of 1,050 x 560 x 460mm, table size of 560 x 1300mm and a max. load capacity of 900kg. Add to this a spindle speed of min⁻Å 15,000, spindle motor power of 22/18.5 kW (hp), a rapid traverse of X-Y 40 m/min and Z: 32 m/min and magazine capacity of 32 tools.

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