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While many fabricators in business today require an easy-to-use bending solution that is affordable and which will complement their existing cutting and welding facilities, Bystronic has released the 100/3100, 160/3100 and 225/4100 models of their Xact Smart press brake range in South Africa.

In terms of bending force, the 100/3100 model will exert 100 tons/1600 kN, the 160/3100 160 tons/1600 kN, and the 225/4100 model 225 tons/2250 kN. The 100/3100 and the 160/3100 offer bending lengths of 3100mm while the 225/4100 model has a 4100mm bending length. The standard stroke for all three machines is 200mm and each has an open height of 480mm.

Options of extending the daylight and stroke by 100mm to an open height of 580mm are also available on all three models.

Other features of these press brakes are an intuitive user interface, LED work-space lighting, Energy Saver, Fast Bend increased speed as well as options of two, four or fiveaxis back gauge, hydraulic tool clamping and most importantly a laser safety system.

In terms of the user interface, with the use of Bystronic’s BySoft 7 CAD/CAM software, it is possible to design parts, create cutting plans and bending programmes. When manufacturing, it is possible to monitor the production process. In spite of the power of Bystronic’s BySoft software, it is userfriendly and easy to operate. Moreover, this software package will integrate Xact Smart press brakes with other smart machines in a factory operating environment.

Bystronic press brake operators are invited to use the Bystronic Bend Solver application for the calculation of all bending parameters. The Bend Solver illustrates the complex calculations using easily understandable visualizations. Depending on the material and its thickness, it provides the information about the required bending force, box height, upper tool height, the lower tool opening, the radius and the minimum flange length. In addition, should a manufacturing facility have a number of Bystronic press brakes of varying capacities, it is possible to establish which bending machine will be most suitable for the job in hand.

For operators, interface with an Xact Smart press brake is through an intuitive touchscreen. When bending steel parts, consistent accuracy is absolutely vital. Bystronic’s Xact Smart press brakes offer the highest levels of repetitive accuracy of any press brake on the market.

Bystronic also offers a comprehensive range of tools that will cover nearly every conceivable bending application. These tools will fit a range of clamping systems, while the hydraulic clamping of tools allows for rapid changes leading to greater productivity. Bystronic tools offer outstanding quality and a long service life thanks to manufacture using high-strength tempered 42CrMo4 steel, with deep inductive hardening to between 58 and 62 HRC.

In a busy production environment, it is still possible to keep track of tools as the most important information is engraved on the surface of the tool. However, should a custom tool be needed for a special application, Bystronic will be happy to have such a tool designed and manufactured and delivered quickly and reliably.

Users of Xact Smart press brakes will benefit from decades of expert product design and knowledge in the processing of sheet steel. With advanced fiber lasers for ever-faster fabrication, complementary Xact Smart press brakes provide all the speed and versatility required for bending solutions within the highspeed automated Industry 4.0 environment which characterises manufacturing today.

For more information, please contact Bystronic – Tel: 083 288 1111

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