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Fast manufacturing and high precision repeatability are amongst the most important criteria in today’s sheet metal processing industry.

For this reason, automation and robotic systems are increasingly in demand. Similarly, bending machines also require change in application technology. Complex bends that cannot be performed by using automated and robotic sub-systems and conventional bending machines, can be performed with high precision repeatability by using the Durma CNC fully automatic servo Panel Bender machine. The Panel Bender machine should not be confused with conventional bending machines. The Durma Panel Bender is a fully automatic sheet bending machine equipped with different systems in every direction.

While featuring 28 fully automatic operation axes, all axes are servo controlled in addition to 40 pneumatically controlled motion- and positioning axes. Thanks to the smart consumption system, the machine calculates the optimum amount of energy required, thus providing energy saving.

The Panel Bender machine is built on a stress relieved carrier body, which features a bending device, holding devices and movement – plus positioning equipment. In front of the machine, there are a referencingand manipulator device which manage positioning of the part to be bent.

As a working principle, the blanking sheet material manipulator is clamped between the upper and lower clamps. The manipulator device, has the ability to rotate and move toward, lean the sheet against the referencing pins in the reference device and the appropriate position. After this point the panel bender machine, having reference information, is fixed on the sheet bending area by means of the holding device and the appropriate bending is performed by movement of the bending device.

While the machine is able to handle sheet materials in thicknesses between 0,5mm – 3,2mm, it can also bend aluminium material up to 4mm thickness and stainless steel material up to 2,2mm.

The Panel Bender machine meets the requirements of manufacturing sectors such as elevator, steel door, panel, kiosk and control panel, cabin and case, industrial cooling systems, industrial ventilation systems, industrial kitchen, domestic appliance and lighting systems manufacturing.

For more information contact Durmazlar – Tel: 011 865 4090

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