Sawing: New Technology Wikus Skalar® Bandsaw Blade

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While WIKUS analyzes in detail all parameters, which influence the cost per cut, this rigorous evaluation of the cutting process is a key factor in achieving reduced cutting costs and with its product portfolio, WIKUS offers highly efficient, long-lasting solutions for any cutting task.

Cutting times and cutting costs can easily be reduced, blade lifetimes increased and additional capacities obtained through highly efficient tool performance. Moreover, innovative top-quality WIKUS bandsaw blades give an excellent finish to any cut, a factor which reduces the number of subsequent process steps. The results are increased efficiency and productivity, reduced cost per cut as well as the realisation of potential savings.

SKALAR® precision metal cutting bandsaw blade

WIKUS introduced the newly developed SKALAR bandsaw blade to the bimetal product family. This high-tech bandsaw blade meets the highest standards in metal cutting.

In developing the SKALAR® blade, Wikus especially took customer requirements into account. The bandsaw blade has many new features resulting from cooperation between Wikus’s Research and Development and Technical Support departments. The SKALAR® blade performs exceptionally well in terms of blade-life when cutting difficult special materials such as stainless- and acid-resistant-steels, while achieving an excellent finish to the cut surfaces. A series of successful internal and external cutting trials verified the performance of this new high-quality blade.

The blade’s ground tooth technology allows high performance cutting of many special steels and metals, namely stainless and acidresistant steels (ferritic), nitriding and highspeed steels, cast iron, tool steels, hardening steels, spring and ball-bearing steels, carbon and heat-treated steels, construction, deepdrawing and cutting steels, non-ferrous metals and aluminium / aluminium alloys.

ParaMaster 3.0 – online cutting data program

This software application has been designed for the optimization of the cutting process, taking into account the materials that need to be cut and the customer’s requirements.

With the online ParaMaster 3.0 cutting software, registered users can enter the parameters for a specific cutting task and receive the appropriate specifications regarding the best choice of bandsaw blade and the particular cutting parameters for the job in hand. This simple, useful tool is available through First Cut on the WIKUS website.

For more information, contact First Cut – Tel: 011 614 1112

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