Sawing: Kanefusa Cold Saw™ Technology

Kanefusa is Japan’s largest manufacturer of high-quality industrial tools used in the metalworking industry. Their saw blades, cutters and machine knives are engineered to the highest industrial standards and available in South Africa from First Cut.

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Kanefusa’s V-tech™ PCD saw blade, FM Cold Saw™ technology and advanced material technology coating on cutting edges are demonstrations of their innovative strength.

Satisfied users all around the world testify to the reliability of Kanefusa’s products.

Kanefusa’s FM (Ferro Max) cold saw blades (single use) cut on average three times faster than a conventional bandsaw or metal saw, which means one machine can do the job of three. Less energy is needed to power the machines, less oil mist is generated and less space is required.

FM cold saw blades such as the Ferro Max Speed can outlast a conventional saw blade by up to 10 times. In the same period, a conventional saw blade must be reground nine times. This process produces a lot of sludge that requires costly disposal and each time a blade needs regrinding there are associated pickup and delivery costs nine times over. FM cold saw blades also allow for a thinner kerf than resharpened blades, which leads to a better material utilization and less swarf that must be either disposed of or recycled.

Every Kanefusa blade provides a constant cut quality and durability, providing absolute excellence and reliability blade after blade, a factor which is key to timeous and efficient production.

For more information, contact First Cut – Tel: 011 614 1112

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