Laser Technology: New Benchmark In Price-Performance Fibre Laser Cutting

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The Amada range of laser cutting machinery has evolved over many years and the latest fiber laser cutting machines are a combination of the proven design of the CO2 series together with Amada’s latest in-house fiber laser technology.

This has resulted in not only setting new standards in terms of speed and precision but also the most economical machine solution available for the mid-range segment.

This versatile and highly efficient laser system offers either a 2kW or 4kW fiber laser output option, which permits exceptional machining speeds while simultaneously achieving high precision results. The use of high-speed non-contact sensor technology ensures that the laser beam remains focused on the sheet during processing.

Considerably shortened manufacturing times coupled with the fiber laser’s excellent energy consumption figures ensure considerable cost savings while preserving resources.

Thanks to shorter wave length of the fiber systems, previously difficult to cut materials such as copper and brass, can now be cut with ease and thinner ferrous materials can be processed at far higher cutting speeds than with CO2 systems. The combination of high-performance control technology and highly dynamic drive systems, guarantee both outstanding cutting accuracy and optimum product quality. The elimination of beam path mirrors and utilization of fiber optic cable transfer methods, drastically reduce costs on mirror maintenance.

With the fiber laser beam being generated from diodes as opposed to laser gas on CO2 systems, the elimination of a turbo blower and tubes is also a great cost saver.

The versatile fiber laser machine layouts offer a common working area of 3000mm x 1500mm and tables can carry a sheet weight of up to 920kg, which is easily positioned by the operator thanks to the free roller bearing system. Much the same as the F.O. series, these systems possess a unique machine frame featuring a structure and low centre of gravity which eliminates the need for any special machine base. Even at very high machining speeds, the distortion resistant, low vibration cast machine bed guarantees manufacturing operations are conducted under optimum conditions.

Amada fiber lasers are extremely versatile, which when coupled with appropriate automation technology, perform complex tasks for long periods of time without the need for manual intervention.

The layout of this machine can be individually adapted to meet the needs of different users permitting variable assembly of machine components. The machine is compact, always providing optimum access and permitting shortest possible travel paths even during multi machine operation.

The use of the proven AMNC-PC control together with Amada AP100 programming and nesting software guarantees a high level of safety and ergonomic efficiency, while promoting great ease of operation.

Energy conservation and cost reduction.

For more information, contact Amada – Tel: (011) 453-5459.


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