Laser Technology: Cutting Without Compromise With The New 10kW Bystar Fibre Laser

In the world of cutting steel, Bystronic’s new 10kW ByStar fibre laser is driving ground-breaking changes in productivity and profitability. Introduced at Euroblech in 2016, Bystronic’s 10kW ByStar fibre laser is, to date, Bystronic’s most powerful laser on the market.

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Laser job shop owners need to differentiate their businesses and own their markets. The challenge is to lower costs per part, reduce lead times and downtime, and increase overall productivity. The solution is to be found in the 10kW ByStar Fibre, which, from the outset, was designed from the ground up to be a high-powered fibre laser. 

The Bystar embraces both a revolutionary new machine design and new levels of control, fully exploiting the speed which 10kW affords. The ByStar Fibre new cutter head delivers the highest part output through the full spectrum of sheet thicknesses, from thin gauge up to 30mm with an impressive part accuracy. It also cuts other exotic metals such as aluminium, brass and copper without the need for deburring.

Regarding productivity, the ByStar Fibre is up to five times faster than a 4kW CO2 laser. When cutting 6mm sheet, a 45-minute job could be reduced to ten, while the cost per part could be slashed by 70%. Even compared to a 6kW fibre laser, the time to complete a job on 6mm steel could be cut in half and the cost per part reduced by as much as 35%.

To handle the greater power, Bystronic combined linear motors, which enable the cutting head to move exceptionally fast with a revolutionary new triangular bridge frame design, which positions the laser accurately at high speed. The triangular bridge frame weighs 25% less than earlier designs so it can travel much faster. Also the triangular bridge frame has 60% more torsional rigidity. This results in almost no frame distortion for greater accuracy and better edge quality.

When handling material, the Bystar’s redesigned pallet shuttle gives enhanced operation. A further advantage is Bystronic’s eye detection technology, which identifies the edge of the sheet in six seconds. This allows cutting right up to the edge of the sheet with great accuracy. The combined advantage of the pallet shuttle and detection eye gives a head start per sheet of 28 seconds, adding about one hour of productivity to every eight-hour shift.

To harness the power of a 10kW fibre laser, Bystronic created its own 10kW cutting head. This new head enables operators to change the beam diameter and focal length of the laser on the fly for greater speed and accuracy.

With the speed of the ByStar 10kW laser, enhanced support automation is essential. As ancillaries to the ByStar, Bystronic offers standardized and customized automation of material handling and sorting to fully support the greatly increased productivity of the ByStar Fibre.

Control is key to efficient workflow. Conveniently positioned on the machine, the 55-cm high-definition ByVision cutting screen gives a clear view of everything that is happening inside the machine. With a smartphone type interface, the ByVision is easy to understand and use.

Cutting plans can be quickly uploaded, and it is possible to monitor machine performance using real time read-outs. The ByVision’s intuitive design guides an operator through the menu without losing any precious time, while also collecting operational data to give an owner a macro picture of workflow.

The ByStar Fibre will not only cut steel, but also time and costs, while greatly increasing the profitability of any laser cutting business.

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