Laser Technology: Durma HDF/HDFL 3015 Fiber Laser

The Durma HDF/HDFL 3015 fiber laser machine features a rigid stress-relieved welded steel frame construction with a stiff gantry axis system moving the cutting head. Highly accurate parts even when cutting with fastest speeds and under highest accelerations are guaranteed.

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An integrated shuttle table maximizes productivity and minimizes material handling times. The shuttle table and pallet change system allows convenient loading of new sheets or unloading of finished parts, while the machine is cutting another sheet inside the working area. The available shuttle table is fully electric and maintenance free; there are no hydraulic oils to handle and table changes are fast, smooth and energy-efficient. 

An optional lateral automatic scrap conveyor allows the removal of scrap pieces from the working area without the need to interrupt the cutting process. The sideways operation of the short conveyors allow for easy maintenance and trouble-free running.

The Durma HDF/HDFL 3015 fiber machine achieves highest dynamics and fastest laser processing cycle times thanks to the combination of rigid mechanics and a state-of-the-art numerical control and drive system. Programmes can be loaded easily into the machine with a USB stick or over a fast Ethernet connection with the company network.

In the high-pressure auto-focus cutting head for the fiber laser the cutting lens is shielded from the laser process by an exchangeable low-cost protection window. The 1μm wavelength light is very sensitive to dust or other contamination produced in the cutting or piercing process, therefore the cutting head is being well protected in an additional cover to ensure that all critical parts remain as clean as possible.

The integrated capacitive distance sensor is capable of having the head follow height differences in the sheet even at the extreme high cutting speeds that can be achieved with the fiber laser technology, while state-of-the-art linear motors promote accuracy and increase productivity.

The CAD/CAM software provided has all the tools to import or draw parts, prepare and optimize automatically different geometries for the laser cutting process and make efficient nests.

The all-solid-state fiber laser technology reduces maintenance requirements, and offers the lowest possible running cost with a wall-plug efficiency of 30% and without the need of any laser gas. When the application requires a broader spectrum of material types to be cut and the maximum thickness range is limited, the fiber laser is the ideal solution and it will cut faster at lower cost than any CO2 laser at the same laser power.




For more information, contact Durmazlar – Tel: 08600 DURMA (38762).


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