Turning: Making All The Right ‘Turns’

The term turning, used in mechanical engineering, can be described as the forming of an object on a lathe. Today, traditional – or conventional lathes often are second choice to the Computer Numerical Control (CNC) option which has helped many companies to produce a wide spectrum of components on a large scale with greater precision and accuracy. The CNC innovation has proven that these machines have the ability to boost a company’s productivity and profitability.

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However, Craft Machine Tools is aware that even in this digital age of ever changing technology there is still a need for the traditional conventional lathe. Given this understanding, Craft Machine Tools offer both, a comprehensive range of CNC – and conventional turning products from Taiwanese based Feeler, a member of the Fair Friend Group.

Feeler enjoys a worldwide reputation for product excellence and reliability. This success is the result of their innovative design, in-house manufacturing capabilities and rigorous quality control.

As testimony to this success Feeler have received numerous awards including being named in Taiwan’s Top 100 Brands; add to this Machine Tool Industry Awards for Excellence in Research and Innovation in 2011.

The Best Quality and Service Machine Tool Manufacturer from Taiwan (by Asia Pacific Equipment News) and a double award for National Quality and National Award of Excellence.

Feeler offers a comprehensive range of CNC turning centers, including but not limited to:

For companies interested in purchasing a conventional lathe at competitive prices and without sacrificing quality and precision, Craft Machine Tools offer a high speed precision lathe with inverter transmission. The Craft conventional lathe is in a class of its own boasting features such as selective bed widths of 300mm, 350mm or 400mm.Varied spindle bore diameters of 58mm, 80mm, 85mm and 120mm, added protection to the shaft and gears in the headstock, thermal treated and precision ground alloy gears, overload device to ensure safety when operating, wear-resistant phosphor bronze lead screw nuts, thermal treated Meehanite bed casting and a one-piece base for high rigidity and low vibration.

Craft Machine Tools have extended their offering to cater for those looking for larger conventional lathes and have partnered with renowned Chinese’s manufacturers Dalian Machine Tools and Gongtao Machine Tools.

All conventional lathes supplied by Craft Machine Tools come complete with a 3 and 4 Jaw Chuck, DRO, rapid traverse, work light, coolant system, steadies, tool kit and an oil gun.

On the purchase of a machine tool from Craft Machine Tools, your purchase includes commissioning and training.



For more information, contact Craft Machine Tools – Tel: (011) 845-2030.

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