Recently Unique Welding launched the long-awaited Thermamax TITAN Adjustable Solar Helmet. This incredible helmet range comes with a choice between two Auto Darkening Filters (ADF), namely the DIAMOND ADF or the ONYX ADF.

The DIAMOND ADF boasts an unprecedented 2.0 Clear Light State, thanks to its revolutionary TruVision Technology. It has a digital dark state of 5-8 / 9-13, an overall ADF range of 4 – 13 and a 1/1/1/2 classification, ensuring that eyes are protected from all harmful UV and IR emissions. The DIAMOND ADF holds multiple certifications, including ANSI Z97.1-2015, EN 175:1997, CSA Z94.3-2015 and CE EN 379:2009-07.

The Onyx ADF has a 4.0 Clear Light State and a digital dark state of 5-8 / 9-13 with an overall ADF range of 4 – 13 for maximum UV and IR emission protection. The ONYX ADF also has a 1/1/1/2 classification and certifications, such as DIN EN 379:2009-07 and CE EN 379:2009-07. The ONYX ADF has an automatic power-on function thanks to its photosensitive sensor on the filter lens. It is able to sense changes in light and will automatically power on. When it senses an absence of light stimulation, it will automatically power-off after 10 minutes, saving battery life.

While offering a 12-month warranty, the Thermamax TITAN Helmet comes with a superior dual-strap adjustable comfort headgear with torque ratchet and comfort band, as well as a Speedy Loop Hard Hat Adaptor, which allows the attachment of a hard hat to the helmet and wearing both at the same time; this lightweight helmet also offers Grind Mode.

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