CNC Control System for Machine Tool Applications

The WinDelta Control system is a PC-based, fully closed loop CNC control solution featuring advanced motion control, built-in software PLC and a Windows-based HMI. The CNC hardware can be configured for up to 4-axis simultaneous motion control using an analogue voltage command interface or an optional digital interface. The system includes standard built-in motion, PLC and HMI modules, with the capability for custom development.

DynaPath’s specific strengths

DynaPath is a flexible, powerful, yet user friendly control solution at a reasonable price. The control provides solutions for the beginner to the most advanced in one easy to use platform, while remaining versatile for manual, semi-automatic and full production operations. This is all enabled by the intuitive touchscreen user interface, DRO + semi-auto mode operation, conversational editor + CAD edit + import programming capabilities and ability to run any standard G-Code program. Furthermore, the control also applies advanced motion control to execute the programmed tool path quickly and smoothly while accounting for the limits of the machine, a feature only found on high-end controls in the market. DynaPath provides consistency of product function and operation modes coupled with excellent price to feature ratio.

DynaPath controls feature every way of operation on a single platform in a format that is easy to learn and use from simple manual plus operations to doff downloads and offline Fanuc format G-code downloading.

DynaPath offers manual users DRO and semi-automatic operation of the machine via electronic handwheels so the machine can be operated directly without knowing any CNC or programming. Then on the same control DynaPath runs standard G-Code programs and macros that any CAD CAM can post to, so the control is essentially FANUC G-Code compatible. Finally,  Conversational Programming is available on the control that is quick to use and easy to learn with a built-in CAD system that can import and edit DXF files directly via the touchscreen.

DynaPath – Interesting Facts

The history of DynaPath controls began in 1970s with the System 10/20 series, then from 1980s to present the Delta 10/20/30/40/2000 series, then from 2010 to now the WinDelta 600/1000/H/M/T series. To date over 20000 control units were sold and most of these systems are still fully supported from the DynaPath Detroit main office. DynaPath OEM’s have provided a worldwide customer base throughout Europe, United Kingdom and Asia, with a majority of sales in the USA, however, the launch of the WinDelta series has seen more growth recently in Taiwan and China.

Dynapath has provided Mill, Lathe and Punch controls to OEM industry leaders including Tree Machine Tool, Republic Lagun, Chevalier Machinery, Mighty Enterprises, Monarch Cortland, Clausing, Machining Systems, South Bend, & LVD (US, Europe & UK).

Customers in the US include Ford, General Motors, General Electric, Honeywell Inc., Caterpiller Inc., Gradall Inc., Testron, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Lockheed Martin, JPL, USAF, Martin Automatic, Asyst Technologies, Electronic Theatre Controls, Monroe Mold and others.

A customer from Shelter Logic in Illinois says: “Our program time was reduced from 6 hours to 30 min with the new WinDelta DXF feature. This not only reduced programming time but also enabled our machinists to stay focused on the manufacturing process instead of re-entering part program numbers.”

Time savings using DynaPath

In general, programming a conversational program on the control takes less than 10 minutes. If a DXF file of the part is provided, programming takes even less time. If running a G-Code program, due to advanced path planning and smoothing, the cycle times are even quicker on the DynaPath control, often saving 10% to 40% machining time, particularly for programs containing fine contouring operations.

Advantages when investing in a DynaPath

A company representative from DynaPath says: “Strong advantages include features, cost, flexibility and plethora of programming formats plus our response time and availability. We are trying to beat the competition, not join them. So, to achieve this, we must employ a better tool.

“As a controls company offering unique machine tools, DynaPath makes machine tools that are specially integrated with the control in such a way that is feature-rich and oriented for that user segment, compared to other machine tool providers who simply integrate standard controls on standard frames.

“The DynaPath control combines ease of use, manual DRO operation, conversational programming, DXF editing, standard G-Code and macro compatibility, while measuring up extremely well against competitors.  The control offers advanced path planning with look-ahead, feed-forward, smoothing and dynamic roughing or finishing parameters to produce excellent machining quality. Additionally, there is remote assistance and remote diagnostics service built into the control,” he concludes.

DynaPath CNC training

For a novice, basic operation takes at around 1 hour to introduce each operating mode and screen navigation. Intermediate operation takes around 2 hours to set up work offset, tool offset, program a part and to run it. Advanced operation can be open-ended, but with remote training, customers can remote link anytime, while learning what is required from trained technicians and at their own pace. For any operator already familiar with other common CNC’s such as FANUC, the operator can almost seamlessly inter-operate between the two machines with minimal additional training.

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