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Thanks to its quiet operation and low energy consumption, the Green Press FX Servo press brake, which is one of Ermaksan’s green press group machines, features about 69% less energy consumption than hydraulic press brakes.

The new generation press brake Green Press FX Servo, which has been developed by the Ermaksan R&D engineering team, uses servo-electric motor technology and makes a big difference in the sector by its environment-friendly structure without any contaminant. The machine is supplied as   standard with 3 meter length and 100 tons of power but is also available with 1.6 meter, 2 meter, 2.5 meter length and 40, 65 and 80 tons of power alternatives.


Not only low energy consumption, but also low maintenance cost

While a high energy efficient servo motor is used, the motors will not work while the upper beam is not moving, which provides 69% energy savings; on stand-by mode the energy saving is 98%. Motors work only when ram is moving down and no hydraulic system and cylinder were used on the machine. As it is a completely mechanical machine, it can be used with less maintenance cost.

Sliding front support arms with stoppers

With precise linear bearing and the sliding front support arms that can move right and left on the rail, the sheet can be easily controlled by the operator from the front. Also, the length of the parts can be measured by means of a measuring device mounted on the front support arms. The sheet can be fixed from the front with the aid of the flip stop which is mounted inside the T slot.

Silent operation with below 70 decibels

While high energy efficiency is provided, there is no oil usage at Ermaksan’s green technology   Green Press FX Servo model. Thus, no problem is encountered in terms of contamination of the working area caused by oil leakage. Pressing is executed by two synchronized servo motors moving the top beam via belts and pulleys and the return of the beam is realized by spring force. With below 70 decibels the machine is very silent and there is no noise pollution to disturb the environment.

Unlimited Full length bending capacity

With unlimited full length bending capacity, the operator can perform full length bending between the columns. The body construction is bolt connected and the back gauge system is matchless resulting in maximum precision.

Safety is at maximum level

The coloured Plexiglas windows at the rear guards provide the ability to see inside the machine with safety at maximum level. Front light body guard Leuze MLC100 is in line with CE regulations. Furthermore front top, lateral and rear sides of the machine are surrounded with closed guards. LED lights at the front and rear of the machine both ease operators’ working conditions.

Includes Industry 4.0 solutions for smart factories

The ER 4.0 software developed by Ermaksan engineers under the scope of Industry 4.0 processes and reports data transferred via the inter-machine communication network and has been designed to ensure continuity and productivity. All components on the machine are collected on a common network and data can be easily accessed. Thanks to this software, users will increase performance and productivity by reaching the widest range of data from the machine in real-time.

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