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With the Ergonomic design of the E-Brake, SafanDarley enables the operator and the press brake to work as a unit. The operator is partially seated inside the machine, surrounded by an edging table with his legs in a spacious cut-away below the lower beam, where the foot pedal is located.

Ergonomic ease of operation is assured as the seating position as well as the height and angle of the footrest can be adjusted. The SafanDarley E-Brake Ergonomic can easily be adapted to changing work situations, such as a different product or a different operator. The edging table can be adjusted enabling users to achieve perfect pick-up height, working height and cast-off height every time. In addition, the edging table can be fully or partially collapsed, enabling the operator to bend whilst standing up. Finally, the entire edging table can easily be removed from the machine to make the front freely accessible.

While the height of the rotating 17″ Touch Screen is adjustable, the unit can be placed to both the left and right of the operator, meaning that left-handed operators can use the machine with the same level of ease as right-handed operators.

The double-function safety light screen, integrated into the control panel secures the bending zone and allows the axis to move, while the operator turns, picks up or removes the product. These simultaneous actions of operator and machine lead to very fast cycle times.

While the innovative back gauge can be used across the full working length, it has a maximum depth of 1000mm and a height adjustment of 150mm. Combined with the possibility of setting the upper beam at a 5° angle, this means unparalleled flexibility. The back gauge comes with an X axis and an R axis as standard features, but can be expanded, depending on the model, with 5 optional axes.

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