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Kitamura Machinery, the premier manufacturer of precision horizontal, vertical and 5-axis machining centers, adds to its 5-axis line up with the MedCenter5AX vertical machining centre. This ultra-compact 5-axis VMC brings with it the largest work envelope in its class and offers unparalleled precision, accuracy and speed for expanded machining capability in the machining of highly complex, multi-sided parts in one setup.

The MedCenter5AX employs an X, Y & Z axis, and additional tilting A-Axis (+/-120 deg.) and a rotary C-Axis (360 deg.) with a 0.001 deg. minimum indexing command. Machining of high precision, complicated parts like orthopedic implants or aerospace parts can be completed in one operation, reducing the overall machining process. The maximum work piece size (Dia. xHeight) of Ø220mm (8.7”) x 175mm (6.9”) and maximum table load capacity of 20Kg (44lbs) allow for incredible flexibility and versatility in the machining of smaller highly precise, highly intricate parts.

Standard high speed, direct drive 4th and 5th axis rotary tables offer smooth simultaneous 5-axis movement for complex cutting applications. Rigid in design and equipped with high resolution optical scale feedback on all axes, the MedCenter5AX offers the precise accuracies needed (positioning accuracy of ±0.002mm (±0.000079”))/full stroke for a wide variety of small part machining.

Kitamura’s standard high speed 30,000minˉ¹ 18kw (24.5HP) direct drive, HSK-E40 spindle offers superb rigidity an ultimate stiffness in spindle construction and function while allowing for super fine finish capabilities. Ideal for small diameter tools and hard milling, the MedCenter5AX offers a standard air through spindle feature for dry cutting and is also equipped to handle up to 1000psi coolant thru the spindle for deep hole drilling requirements.

The MedCenter5AX may be compact but it is equipped with a large 40 tool magazine – a great benefit when machining more complex parts. Tool changes are a lightning fast 1.5 seconds. To assure optimum operator access and convenience when setting up tools or performing routine maintenance, the tool magazine is located toward the back side of the machine.

For increased productivity, Kitamura offers an optional 12-station automatic pallet system for running long hours of unmanned operating in the machining of both highly mixed or highvolume production parts.

Kitamura combines many standard features in our feature-rich Arumatik-Mi control. With a 5-times faster processing speed, the Arumatik-Mi CNC Controller offers a super-smooth control process for super-fast machining of complex work pieces. Featuring the latest in advanced, ultra-intuitive touch screen technology, dedicated 5-axis control functions and advanced 5-axis NC simulation and verification software, the Arumatik-Mi is your solution for easier programming, part setup and operation of complex components.

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