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The XF6300 5-axis vertical machining center provides high speed, simultaneous 5-axis precision and optimal rigidity combined with outstanding user convenience.

The XF6300 comes with a 19″ large monitor for enhanced visibility and the SIEMENS ShopMill customized technology package as standard. ShopMill provides simple operation, supporting all operator actions with graphic help displays and functions for quick and practical machine setup, including calculating the workpiece position in the machine. The control panel has the same configuration as a computer keyboard for easy usage. Mold Package is provided as standard for a highly efficient mold process with the aid of various NC options and automatic tool measurement.

While the integrated bed and column have been designed by using HYUNDAI WIA’s unique analysis method, the XF6300 features a 4-way structure box type saddle inside the cross-beam to increase stiffness and minimize thermal displacement. The Box-in-Box structure design accomplishes thermal equilibrium, while minimizing thermal deformation. The direction of the main axis’ center of gravity and z-axis moving direction are in the same line, providing more precise machining.

The XF6300 features X-axis 650mm, Y-axis 600mm and Z-axis 500mm with 60 m/min rapid traverse and 1G of X/Z-axis acceleration and deceleration and a linear scale to all linear axes plus rotary scale to rotating axes as standard.

XF6300 is a 5-axis vertical type machining center designed by European R&D center in Germany

Various multipurpose built-in spindles are available, providing 15,000 rpm or optionally 24,000 rpm and 40,000 rpm for high quality mold machining. The main spindles produce almost no noise and vibration even at high speed machining, while ensuring highly stable machining performance.

The XF6300 main spindle features an oil cooling device as standard promoting high accuracy for long periods of time and a HSK tool holder for high positioning accuracy and precision.

The XF6300 is designed with a 5-axis rotary table which can be moved 30 degrees to the front side of the machine and 120 degrees to the rear side of machine based on A-axis and C-axis and can rotate 360 degrees. A-axis and C-axis achieve 70rpm and 110rpm, respectively.

The rack-type magazine providing various options equipped with 34 tools and has a single layer as a standard. Tool magazines can be upgraded to accommodate 68 tools and 102 tools, respectively.

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