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Rubix in the UK is one of the most trusted single sources for industrial supplies and part of Europe’s largest industrial distribution business. Rubix works with a network of branches across the UK offering support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

A significant part of its business is involved in the supply of cutting tools and accessories for the engineering industry, representing several high-quality brands, some on an exclusive basis such as Cutline.  Made to exact specifications, every tool in the Cutline range has been meticulously produced and tested, ensuring a high level of quality.

Testing, proving out and demonstrating are necessary services offered by Rubix Cutting & Machining, for which high performing machine tools are required. In selecting the right machine tool supplier for its needs, Rubix Cutting & Machining specified CNC vertical machining centres and lathes that could push the products it sells to the limits. At the same time, sufficient rigidity and accuracy were needed to get the best from the tooling.

Hurco’s most popular 5 axis machining centre, the VMX42SRTi was chosen because of outstanding machine capacity compared to footprint size, along with its ability to work to the same standards for high-power 3 axis applications as for complex 5 axis 3D contouring. The VMX42SRTi has a 12,000 RPM, 37kW spindle and direct drives on all axes, plus a 40 station toolchanger as standard. Additionally, a TM8i CNC lathe with a bar capacity of 64.5mm and 12 station turret was chosen to demonstrate turning tools and workholding.

Both machines are placed at the Rubix Product Proving Technical Competence Centre Technical Centre in Wolverhampton. The Rubix Cutting & Machining nationwide engineered solutions team are all trained in the operation of Hurco machines and are competent with Hurco conversational programming after a couple of days in the Hurco classroom.

For more information, contact Hurco – Tel: (011) 012 259 1375

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