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Hyundai WIA, one of the largest machine tool makers in Korea, used its accumulated know-how and latest technology to develop the SE-SY Series, which delivers high-performance, high heavy cutting capability and maximum productivity.

Specializing in small-parts, the Y-axis CNC turning centre features a 30° slanted one-piece bed structure with high rigidity, while the stabilized unit structure is designed to minimize thermal displacement.

01 Optimal Structural Analysis


Structural analysis was applied when designing the machine enhancing the tool post body, while reducing the machine’s height in order to maintain the bed’s dynamic rigidity even during heavy-duty cutting.


02 High-speed Roller LM Guideway

Linear roller guideways are used in SE-SY Series reducing non-cutting time, while achieving high-rigidity. In order to eliminate thermal growth and increase accuracy, all axes are driven by high precision double anchored ballscrews. The rapid traverse rate for X/Y/Z/ZB is 30/10/36/15 m/ min with a travel distance of X/Y/Z/ZB of 210/110/560/560 mm.


03 Wedge Type Y-axis Structure

The SE-SY Series is designed with a wedge type Y-axis that is transferred by the simultaneous operation of the Ys-axis and the X-axis. In addition, excellent rigidity promotes superb quality when heavy-duty cutting. Y-axis rapids are 10 m/min with a Y-axis travel range of 110 (±55) mm.


04 High-precision main spindle for Heavy-duty Cutting and High Quality

The main spindle is designed with the same structure often found in larger sized machines. The combination of double cylindrical roller bearings and angular contact ball bearings leads to excellent heavy duty cutting performance.


05 Sub Spindle

The S-type sub spindle with 5″ chuck is designed to minimize thermal distortion caused by heavy cuts and highspeed machining.



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