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TaeguTec’s DRILLRUSH line, which has been meeting customer’s needs with outstanding machining and convenience, offers a 3-flute drill with upgraded clamping structure designed to maximize productivity.

The DRILL-SFEED uses unique, self-centring features, unlike conventional 3-flute carbide drills, to ensure superior performance and machining stability in high-speed machining. It also provides optimal solutions for customers to reduce costs by improving tool life as well as achieving high productivity due to its strong cutting edges and the latest coating technology.

The original clamping structure allows for the simple replacement of drill heads, as well as varying sizes of heads onto a single tool body, thus facilitating economical end user drill stock management.


  • 3-flute geometry improves productivity by more than 50%
  • Highest machining stability due to its unique edge geometry
  • Excellent hole precision due to its superior self-centring capability
  • Reduced cutting load
  • Internal coolant through type means smooth chip evacuation
  • The latest coating grade for excellent tool life
  • Simplified drill head exchanging for reduced downtime
  • Suitable for steel and cast iron machining
  • Drill diameter range: 16.0 – 20.5 mm (3xD and 5xD)


For more information please contact TaeguTec – Tel: 011 362-1500.

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