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Walter Xill·tec™ combines performance with wide applicability

With Xill·tec™, the solid carbide milling cutters in the MC230 Advance product range, Walter is presenting a new range of products: A new type of high-performance geometry with an asymmetrical helix (35°/38°) was combined with Walter’s own wear-resistant and high-performance grade WK40TF. The result is a tool family with high performance that also offers universal applicability for roughing and finishing.

The milling cutter experts have consolidated the developments of the past ten years in the Xill·tec™ range. The asymmetrical helix, the most important feature of the geometry, enables smooth, low-vibration operation: This is essential for long tool life and process reliability. Fractures are avoided and the high level of operational smoothness contributes to the soft cutting action of the Xill·tec™ milling cutter.

The solid carbide milling cutters are suitable for all ISO material groups (P, M, K, N and S) as well as all common milling operations, such as shoulder milling, ramping, (helical) plunging and full slotting (up to 1×D), while exhibiting a high-performance level. This is also true for innovative machining strategies such as dynamic milling. The comprehensive range of products also contributes to the universal applicability of the Xill·tec™: The milling cutters are available with and without corner radii, with centre cutting edge, reduced neck, protective chamfer, cylindrical and Weldon shank. The universal applicability and an outstanding price/performance ratio make the milling cutters an appealing option not just for sub-suppliers and channel partners, but also for users in a wide range of different sectors.

For more information, please contact Spectra Carbide Tooling Technology – Tel: 021 555 4144.

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