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ISCAR is expanding its HM390 line of milling tools with triangular insert line with HELI-3-MILL – a new family of indexable cutters carrying the HM390 TPKT 0502PDR 5 mm edge triangular insert. The new design, based on its successful predecessors, provides a smaller insert, enables high metal removal rates, and offers an effective and economical solution for milling 90º shoulders.

The HELI-3-MILL tools are intended for applications that are traditionally aimed at solid carbide endmills. Designed for productive rough milling at high feed rates of compact parts, small-size cavities, pockets, etc., the new tools are particularly applicable to miniature parts manufacturing, medical components and more. While they offer an ideal solution for low power machining centers and turn-milling machine tools, the low power consumption allows the cutters to be applied on machine tools with limited power, small capacity machining centers and turn-milling machines.

Available in a 10 – 16 mm diameter range, the tools feature a 90º cutting edge angle, advanced cutting geometry to reduce cutting forces and provide smooth cutting, ramping down ability and a maximum 3.5 mm depth of cut. Coolant holes are directed at each cutting edge and the cutter body has a special protective polished coating for uninterrupted chip flow and protection from corrosion and wear.

Reduced feed per tooth working values contribute to decreasing impact load and ensure soft and light cutting action, while the high tooth density, enabled by the small-size insert facilitates stable cutting due to several teeth engaging in the material during milling.

The HM390 TPKT 0502PDR single-sided triangular inserts feature three helical cutting edges, with progressive cutting geometry providing positive radial and axial rake angles on the cutter, and a wiper flat for improved surface finish. The inserts are produced from ISCAR’s latest SUMO TEC carbide grades, which significantly increase productivity.

The HM390 TPCT 0502PDR peripherally ground inserts integrate a sharp cutting edge used for semi-finishing and finishing applications. The insert enables smooth machining, exerting low cutting forces, and is specially designed for milling various high-temperature alloys. These features allow a higher table feed to be applied in shallow milling applications.

The following HELI-3-MILL cutter types are available at this stage: HM390 ETP…-05 endmills carrying the triangular HM390 TPKT 0502PDR inserts in a diameter range of 10 – 16 mm, and HM390 ETP…MM-05 endmills with MULTI-MASTER threaded adaptation in 10, 12, 14 and 16 mm diameters, carrying HM390 TPKT 0502PDR triangular inserts. The MULTI-MASTER connection expands the variety of tool configurations.

Shank types are available in cylindrical and conical shanks in a wide selection of diameters, lengths and materials, allowing operators to choose the proper shank according to their application requirements. Indexing is fast and convenient due to the threaded connection. Since the tool is not removed from the machine, no setup time is required for tool head replacement.

The HELI-3-MILL family offers a productive solution in a broad spectrum of milling applications, including rough to finish machining on main engineering materials and milling square shoulders, planes (especially next to shoulders), slots, and inclined surfaces and cavities by ramping or helical interpolation. The unique tool design significantly minimizes and even eliminates mismatch in multi-pass milling of high shoulders.

For more information, please contact ISCAR South Africa (PTY) LTD – Tel: 011 997-2700.


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