T-FACE – New Small Diameter Solid Carbide Face Mills with SP Spline Connection

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ISCAR introduces the T-FACE family of assembled tools with interchangeable solid carbide heads for applications that require small diameter face mills.

The tools are comprised of heads mounted on steel shanks by means of a unique SP spline connection, one of ISCAR’s latest innovations that has already proved itself in the extremely successful T-SLOT line of slot milling cutters. The connection has been designed to ensure a very durable assembly that can carry significant loads in face milling and to withstand bending forces caused by high overhang in long-reach applications.

The unique general-duty cutting geometry of the heads makes them suitable for effective face milling of various engineering materials. A high-tooth density and greater accuracy provide better productivity than typical milling cutters with indexable inserts, while the design ensures that head clamping and replacement is user-friendly.

The new heads are available in 32 mm diameter with 8 teeth, an SP15 spline connection and a maximum 8 mm depth of cut, 40 mm diameter with 10 teeth, an SP17 spline connection and 10 mm depth of cut and in 50 mm diameter with 12 teeth, an SP19 spline connection and  12 mm depth of cut.

The cutters’ small dimensions allow them to be applied effectively to face milling operations in space-limited environments or with small-envelope machine tools, particularly on multi-function machines. The new shanks are available in cylindrical and Weldon-type configurations.


For more information, please contact ISCAR South Africa (PTY) LTD – Tel: 011 997-2700.

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