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Walter is introducing a new double-sided indexable insert for turning machining operations under the designation “MU5”. The insert can be used universally both for steel forged parts in automotive series production, such as drivetrain or gearbox components, and for components made from stainless materials. 

In forged parts, the MU5 geometry minimises crater wear and thereby enables reliable, fully automated series production. For users with changing materials and small quantities, the MU5 is appealing due to its universal use for steel and stainless materials. The combination of improved chip breaking with longer tool life will be equally beneficial for both target groups. These characteristics are due to the positive macro-geometry, featuring an open chip breaker groove for long tool life and soft cutting characteristics, a V-shaped chip breaker for improved chip breaking and a curved cutting edge promoting high surface finish quality. 

For copy turning, the MU5 geometry does not just improve chip breaking for longitudinal turning and facing, but also for inclines or radii that would otherwise be critical. During the numerous field tests, the MU5 has also already proven that it significantly lowers tool costs, particularly when combined with the wear-resistant Tiger·tec® Silver grades. The machining parameters of the insert are f: 0.15–0.6 mm; ap: 0.5–4 mm, which applies to 60 per cent of all applications. In order to offer customers the best possible solution for their applications, the new MU5 insert is available in all common basic shapes.

For more information, please contact Spectra Carbide Tooling Technology – Tel: 021 555 4144


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