MODUGRIP Modular Grip Cartridges

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MODUGRIP Modular Grip Cartridges: New Modular Adapters for Parting and Grooving.

MODUGRIP is a new compact modular adapter system for parting and grooving applications that enables design of modular tools in envelope dimensions of integral shank tools with similar sizes.

ISCAR’s DO-GRIP, HELI-GRIP, TANG-GRIP and PENTACUT parting and grooving adapters can be clamped on the same toolholder, with an accurate and rigid attachment guaranteed since machining forces are not exerted on the clamping screws. High pressure coolant channels is directed to the cutting edge for maximum flow efficiency.

With no set up time due to the high edge location repeatability after adapter indexing and less downtime as a damaged pocket can be replaced while retaining the shank, MODUGRIP offers a complete economical solution. In addition, the absence of any under head protrusion means that the system can be used with most types of machine.

MODUGRIP can be considered as the most compact system in the market today, as other standard systems feature larger tool head dimensions.

For more information, please contact ISCAR South Africa (PTY) LTD – Tel: 011 997-2700.


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